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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Clairol Root Touch Up Review and Giveaway

When it comes to roots what lady wants theirs to be showing? Not me for sure so I was so super happy when I found out that I was getting the chance to test out some root touch up through vocal point! As soon as it arrived I went through the box. There were four free product coupons and a gift card to Ulta as a thank you for giving my review. I was so super happy because now not only could I get help for my roots and my mom's roots as well, I can also do a give away and help one of my reader's with her roots! When I started blogging I didn't realize just how much work it all is, it is such a roller coaster! But a fun roller coaster at that and now my precious hair gets pampered! This is the life I swear. This product worked very well for me for days longer then anything that I have ever tried. It matched my color very well and you could not tell that I was using a root touch up!

For this giveaway I will again have 2 winners and they will each win a coupon for a free box of  Clairol root touch up! This time around I want to see who can get the most people to like my freebie site and my blog. Have them comment either here on this status or on Facebook on my page, with whoever invited them. On Thanksgiving night I will count them all up and see who the top two are and mail out the coupons the next day! You must have at least one like on each the blog and the facebook page to qualify to win. It can be the same person  but I must see comments on both. 

Have fun, good luck, and happy finding people! Your hair is begging for you to win!

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