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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Burberry Brit Rhythm

One of the good things about online companies is that they often give out free samples when you order with them. I recently ordered from Sephora and the only samples they had were cologne or perfume. I chose a Burberry because I have smelled other Burberry in the past and it was amazing!

This one was for men and I didn't realize that when I ordered it so I was kind of bummed when I got it and noticed. But the totally good thing about it is that my husband Jay loves it! It is only a small vile but it does smell good and he has been using it alot. I guess when it is gone I am going to have to use gift cards to buy him some more.

If you have a chance to smell this scent, do it because it is amazing and you or your man will smell so good! You will get people asking you what scent you are wearing as well so get use to that! Little boys use Axe, real men use cologne.

1 comment:

  1. love burberry too smells great never smell the men one good review