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Saturday, November 16, 2013


When I think of breakfast I generally don't think of the words blueberry and cracker together but that is just what Belvita has done! (They are doing so many other amazing things as well) I have to be honest right now I had never heard of Belvita in my life! So when I saw it in my Rose voxbox (Influenster) I thought I wonder what this would taste like. My husband loves blueberries so he was ready to try it, me on the other hand, I was not too sure that I was going to like this cracker.

Jay takes a bite and says "Not too bad" and reaches for another. I take a bite and was not as impressed as Jay at all. First I guess I should start off with the factoid that I don't really like things that taste like something else. I want everything to taste as it looks. This is a cracker it should taste like a cracker. Instead it tastes like a cookie cracker combo with a BIG dash of blueberry! You know how you get when you eat blueberry pancakes,and then you sit there and burp up blueberries all day? That is just how this is and I think it is weird that I get that from a cracker. I don't want to tell someone that I have blueberry breath from cracker. OK now that I got that out I have to say that they weren't horrible but I just didn't really want to eat the rest of my cracker. Jay finished them off and he loved every second of it.

While Belvita may not be for me I now know of many ladies who buy this brand and love the products simply because I pointed it out while I was shopping with them one day. They waited until their next trip to the store but they did buy some and they love them now! We saw a different flavor of them at the bargain store for a quarter so I let my hubby get it! If they were fresher he would of enjoyed them more. You see the bargain store has stuff the stores reject for whatever reason and sometimes the food is near or past in some cases their expiration dates. Most are still good, some a little stale but when you can get full sized candy bar for a quarter you do it! Anyway, he likes Belvita, but they aren't really my thing. They might be your things though! So check them out!!! Not only do they really taste like blueberries the cookie/cracker combo is yummy by itself!

I got this product free from Influenster.

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