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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Force Dehydrated Dog Food

My dog is not a really picky girl. She will eat just about anything but not everything agrees with her tummy. She sometimes ends getting sick or having an upset stomach. When I found out I was getting this for free through Swaggable I was not too sure how this would work with her. Yes, it is natural with chicken fruits and vegetables. But the process of making it just sounded like something that she would throw her nose up at and walk away from.

I opened it and got it all ready and when it was time I fed it to her in a bowl other then her dog food bowl. If she didn't like, I did not want it to taint her thoughts of her food bowl. At first she was sticking her nose up and walking away. A few minutes later though she came back and did eat a little bit of it. Never eating the whole thing but she had a little. The best thing is she didn't get sick or get an upset stomach.

This is not something that I would buy again for her since she didn't like it. The concept is awesome though and I am in the process of trying to find her a better dog food. Not horrible but not great food either. Every dog is different though so yours may like the taste and texture of this food! The only way to know is to try it out and see for yourself!

Burberry Brit Rhythm

One of the good things about online companies is that they often give out free samples when you order with them. I recently ordered from Sephora and the only samples they had were cologne or perfume. I chose a Burberry because I have smelled other Burberry in the past and it was amazing!

This one was for men and I didn't realize that when I ordered it so I was kind of bummed when I got it and noticed. But the totally good thing about it is that my husband Jay loves it! It is only a small vile but it does smell good and he has been using it alot. I guess when it is gone I am going to have to use gift cards to buy him some more.

If you have a chance to smell this scent, do it because it is amazing and you or your man will smell so good! You will get people asking you what scent you are wearing as well so get use to that! Little boys use Axe, real men use cologne.

Farmer's Market Lemongrass Basil Soap

When it comes to soap I am very picky on what I use and what I want my hands to smell like after I am done washing.I got a free sample of Farmer's Market Lemongrass Basil Soap in the mail from Swaggable. I was surprised it was a full sized bar and I could smell it as I took it out of the package. It was an interesting smell and I am not sure I can pinpoint what exactly it is. Even now as I sit here with it on the laptop I can smell it through the box.

I was excited to try it since I could smell it so well. I went into the bathroom and tried it out for a few days. The results were always the same day after day. The smell I can smell so well right now was now gone. I can not smell it on my hands or around me when I move in any way. That was disappointing. It did work very well though and since it does not smell my husband will also use it with me. My hands did seem to dry out pretty quickly with this soap though so make sure that you have some lotion handy after you wash your hands.

If you want an all natural bar soap then this could be the one for you. It only smells while it is sitting somewhere, never on your hands or your body. It gets things off very easily, ink, glue etc. It is good for the environment and the box is recycleable!

Clairol Root Touch Up Review and Giveaway

When it comes to roots what lady wants theirs to be showing? Not me for sure so I was so super happy when I found out that I was getting the chance to test out some root touch up through vocal point! As soon as it arrived I went through the box. There were four free product coupons and a gift card to Ulta as a thank you for giving my review. I was so super happy because now not only could I get help for my roots and my mom's roots as well, I can also do a give away and help one of my reader's with her roots! When I started blogging I didn't realize just how much work it all is, it is such a roller coaster! But a fun roller coaster at that and now my precious hair gets pampered! This is the life I swear. This product worked very well for me for days longer then anything that I have ever tried. It matched my color very well and you could not tell that I was using a root touch up!

For this giveaway I will again have 2 winners and they will each win a coupon for a free box of  Clairol root touch up! This time around I want to see who can get the most people to like my freebie site and my blog. Have them comment either here on this status or on Facebook on my page, with whoever invited them. On Thanksgiving night I will count them all up and see who the top two are and mail out the coupons the next day! You must have at least one like on each the blog and the facebook page to qualify to win. It can be the same person  but I must see comments on both. 

Have fun, good luck, and happy finding people! Your hair is begging for you to win!

Orajel for cold sores with moisturizer

When it comes to cold sores I have said many times, that I just don't get them. I am not sure as to why I don't get them since so many people I know do, but I am happy that I don't and that my husband doesn't either! I get random zits around my lips and under or above but never on or close enough to look like they are on my lips. Again, I am happy that we do not suffer from these bad boys! They are crazy looking and from what I have seen and heard from all the complaining is that they can hurt really bad! I hurt enough ok, I don't want to hurt on my face anymore then I have to. Especially on my lips. I love my lips, they are so huge and that's why my husband loves them. Not getting into that one but if you have a dirty mind you will figure it out!

So anyway since I have already done one review I decided to have my friend try it out and see what the fuss was all about and if it really worked. She didn't have to say I got into the car I noticed that her cold sore was now worse it seemed after she used the product. The Orajel hadn't helped one single bit. On the other hand though it was also not a good thing that she kept picking at it and then picked the scab clean off. That is when the complaining and the pain came in. I could see this thing on her lip and I could feel her pain. It was crazy. It would have looked like this either way and I needed my review done, but I almost feel bad about giving the product to her. She said she was happy to help as she put the moisturizer on, which did in fact work. The moisturizer really soothed her lip right there where she pulled the scab off and soon she was laughing and joking like she had forgotten all about it!

I also gave this to my brother to try out a long time and when I saw him the next day he was all the way cleared up and very happy about it too! Said that this was the best thing that he had every tried for cold sores and if I ever got anymore for free that I was not going to use and needed a review for that I could always use him. Apparantley he went to Wal Martto try and find some more of this stuff and it was almost 10 bucks for the package! The drug stores wanted even more for it. It wasn't long before his cheap ass realized that the only way he was getting it was to try through me. But he is a good reviewer always feeding me great info so gotta keep him happy as well!

Well there you have it, 2 different reviewers and 2 totally different reviews. One enjoyed the product but it simply did not work for her the way it was supposed to, and one who it seemed the product worked faster then what anyone thought it could! They both tell others that suffer with cold sores about this Orajel product. I have yet to hear back from any of their friends that tried it though. Always try out new things, you never know what will work for you!

Thank you to Smiley 360 for providing this product to me for free! They in no way swayed my opinions or thoughts on the product.

Word's That Matter by Oprah Magazine

I enjoy a good inspirational quote..who doesn't? Sometimes though when quotes or books come from big shots they lose sight on who the book is really for and make it about themselves! I hadn't read the chicken soup books before, but I knew that this was along the same concept as that. Only this book just has quotes, no stories here.

Enjoying the quotes was the fun part and I started skipping who the authors were. So I had to go back later and look at them. Some I had heard of before and some I have never heard of. The one pattern I did notice is that sometimes miss Oprah has 2 or 3 quotes on a page and she usually has at least one on every page! Now come on Oprah, I know the magazine belongs to you but come on do you have to boost your own ego and put your quotes on every single page?? We know you are the mighty Oprah but next time write and publish something for the fans not for yourself.

Besides the crazy amount of Oprah, there are some amazing quotes in the book and if you got the "My box of Joy" or can get this book, I suggest doing it. It's not one that I would go and buy but it sends a good message to the world. If nothing else read up on some quotes from this book, like I said before there are some really cute ones. I love this because it was free!

Zico Coconut Water with chocolate flavoring

Surprise freebies are by far my favorite freebies. When you sign up to get a huge box of stuff but you don't know what's in the box until it arrives at your house. Unless someone ruins it by posting a picture online. When I signed up for the "My box of Joy" from the Post office, I couldn't get anyone to tell me what was in the box. They all said it was silly normal freebie stuff so I wasn't expecting much when it came in the mail. The first thing that saw and grabbed was the coconut water. I am not a fan of coconut and have never had any sort of coconut water before but I decided what the hey I will try it for the fun of it.

I only took one sip and that was enough for me. This stuff tasted like watered down yoo hoo. Let's be honest here, no one wants to drink a watered down yoo hoo. I was hoping the chocolate flavor would drown out the coconut flavor. Which I must say it did marvelously. I don't remember even tasting any coconut at all. But I just don't understand the concept of it I guess. I mean if you want water...just drink some water.

I know that someone is going to say "But what about the health benefits?" Well I have yet to look this up but I have heard  that this is supposed to keep you hydrated longer then water. I'm not sure how that is and it's pretty interesting so I am for sure going to look it up and see if it's true. Not that it really matters to my family though, none of us drink or really eat anything coconut. But if you are health conscious and like the taste of  coconut water, I say try this out! You just may like the taste of it and it could be something that you trade colas for in the long run!

Zevia Giveaway winners

I was nervous how this would go because I have never ran a rafflecopter before. I enjoyed the experience and I think it went smoothly. I can't wait to start another and believe me I have stuff here for giveaways! Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway. I love how you ladies support me through everything I try to do. Stick with me, it should only be a few days until I start my next giveaway and it will run all the way til December, when it is done I will start another and then hopefully the 12 days of Christmas! don't know what the 12 days of Christmas are? Well I am working on  getting bloggers together to get prizes together for different days leading up to Christmas. It will be so much fun if I can make it work! Anyway the winners are---------------


Congrats ladies and again thank you so much for entering my giveaway I appreciate it so much! Come back soon for the next giveaway. Hopefully it will get to the "root" of your problems! I need some addresses so I can get these sent out ladies!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunstar GUM

As I was going through my news feed the other day, I saw that the Sunstar Facebook was doing a mini giveaway. I never usually win stuff when there is only a few to give away so I went on with my day as usual. Not expecting anything to come from the giveaway. When I went back to Facebook later that night I saw that I had a message from them wanting my address. I sent them my address in a message and waited for what I though would be a crappy little sample. When I went to check the mail and I saw a package in the box I was not sure what was in it and those boxes are always the BEST!

I ripped it open and I saw a toothbrush sitting inside. Not just any tooth brush either it was a cool brush for kids and my kids are going to fight over it for sure! Upon looking it over it started blinking. The blinking only seemed to stay on for about a minute so I was curious as to why it blinked. While reading the package I noticed that it blinks for kids. So they know how long to keep brushing. This is one of the coolest tooth brushes I have ever seen and I am kind of jealous that it is for a kid and not an adult! Not only does it blink so that the kids know to keep brushing, it also has a suction cup at the bottom so they will never lose their brush! The only thing that would make this brush better is if it played music, but the blinking light does the job just the same and I think that any kid would love this brush!

One thing I did notice was that it came with a note in the package. After I was all done looking it over and checking out the cool new thing I got in the mail I picked up the letter and opened it up. Now I have gotten many free samples and free full sized samples before but I have never gotten a note like this before. They took the time to sit down and write out a note to me in pen. None of this type it up on a keyboard, print and mail stuff. This letter was handwritten and it made me open my eyes a little bit more. If they care enough about people to take the time to jot down a note for them then maybe this is a company that I want to buy more stuff from! Once a company shows that its about the consumers and not all about the money, they will see a whole lot more business then they did before.

I highly recommend this toothbrush, it will make an awesome stocking stuffer for one of my kids and then I can do a full review on it. If you have want a company that is full of love and compassion then Sunstar/GUM is the one for you. Their products work really well and they care about the people buying their products, not about the money that they are being handed. No companies are like that these days anymore so we need to hold tight to the ones that are.

Glade Plug in

When it comes to the smell of your house, it is a given that someone would want their home to smell amazing. There are so many different air fresheners out there, many that do not leave a good smell in your home. Why are they so expensive? You have to take out a loan just to be able to buy a few for your home. Ok so maybe they don't cost that much but they are very costly. I never understood why either. People don't have to buy it for their home, and maybe if they stopped buying them so willingly, the prices may come down so they would be affordable. For something that is going to be at the forefront they sure are ugly as well! I'm not sure about anyone else but when I walk into a house and smell a good smell, I want to see where that smell is coming from and what the freshener looks like. If the freshener is not appealing then it is not going to make the user want to reccomend it. The point of buying things is to tell others about it so that they can buy one for themselves as well. If people don't want to admit where they got something then the product is not going to sell very well.

Glade is always doing instant wins and giveaways and I never have any luck at winning anything. But the last day of October I was able to score one and it just came! When I was playing the game I thought it was going to be a tiny little air freshener that may only work for a few days. But I was very surprised when I opened the box and saw that this was not a small freshener. It's a lot bigger then usual ones and has to be upright to work. Our apartment has a shortage of plug ins and many of them are sideways. I knew what room I wanted it to go in I just wasn't sure what plug in I could fit it in to.

When I thought it was a small air freshener I had a great idea on where to put it. But as I said when I opened the box I noticed that it was HUGE! This thing takes up the space of two plug ins and the cover on it is humongous by itsself.! I wasn't sure how much electricity this thing would use either!

I went to take it out of the package and it was not easy to get out of the package but it wasn't hard either. The plastic sides pulled right apart once I got my big fingers in there and then it snapped right back together. It was just loud enough to where they should not be able to be stolen in stores. I took it out and then I read the package. This is a cool new starter kit that I get to try out before other people! I also noticed that it said Apple Cinnamon and Lavendar Peach. Thinking that it just uses one smell and then they threw in an extra smell, I was happy as could be! Until I looked at the bottom of the package and read that both the bottles go in at the same time and the scents switch out daily! After I read that I fell in love with this air freshener! I never thought that I would enjoy having different smells on different days.

As soon as I plugged it into the wall the room started to fill up with the apple cinnamon smell. After only a few minutes my head was already pounding. Anytime I start a new scent it is way too overwhelming and I end up with a migraine after only a few minutes. Does this happen to anyone else? I wish I could just smell stuff without having the familiar problem. The sickening smell only lasts for about an hour though and then it starts to blend in with the rest of the smells of the room.

I enjoyed the smell after I got use to it and the next day the headache was back for a little bit but it was ok because I know in a day or so I will be used to it and the house is going to smell so much better then it did before. The scents are suppose to last thirty days and if these things aren't too outrageous, we will for sure be picking up a few more for the house. I reccomend this to anyone who likes having different smells but is too lazy to buy different scents or too lazy to change them every day. This is perfect for you, just put it in, leave it and forget it until you stop smelling it!

Saturday, November 16, 2013


When I think of breakfast I generally don't think of the words blueberry and cracker together but that is just what Belvita has done! (They are doing so many other amazing things as well) I have to be honest right now I had never heard of Belvita in my life! So when I saw it in my Rose voxbox (Influenster) I thought I wonder what this would taste like. My husband loves blueberries so he was ready to try it, me on the other hand, I was not too sure that I was going to like this cracker.

Jay takes a bite and says "Not too bad" and reaches for another. I take a bite and was not as impressed as Jay at all. First I guess I should start off with the factoid that I don't really like things that taste like something else. I want everything to taste as it looks. This is a cracker it should taste like a cracker. Instead it tastes like a cookie cracker combo with a BIG dash of blueberry! You know how you get when you eat blueberry pancakes,and then you sit there and burp up blueberries all day? That is just how this is and I think it is weird that I get that from a cracker. I don't want to tell someone that I have blueberry breath from cracker. OK now that I got that out I have to say that they weren't horrible but I just didn't really want to eat the rest of my cracker. Jay finished them off and he loved every second of it.

While Belvita may not be for me I now know of many ladies who buy this brand and love the products simply because I pointed it out while I was shopping with them one day. They waited until their next trip to the store but they did buy some and they love them now! We saw a different flavor of them at the bargain store for a quarter so I let my hubby get it! If they were fresher he would of enjoyed them more. You see the bargain store has stuff the stores reject for whatever reason and sometimes the food is near or past in some cases their expiration dates. Most are still good, some a little stale but when you can get full sized candy bar for a quarter you do it! Anyway, he likes Belvita, but they aren't really my thing. They might be your things though! So check them out!!! Not only do they really taste like blueberries the cookie/cracker combo is yummy by itself!

I got this product free from Influenster.

Kiss Graduation Polishes

When it comes to nail polish I am always trying to go as dark as possible. I love looking down and seeing the beautiful colors. You can really tell a lot about people by looking at the state of their hands and nails. If someone is a hard worker then they may have some dirt on their nails or a prissy chick may have perfectly manicured. Its not right to judge someone this way but it is an easy way too.

Even though I love nail polish, I am in no way good at it. My hands always have some sort of polish on  them and my right hand always looks like a 2 year old tried to paint it. Having arthritis doesn't help the situation either. But when I get in the mood to paint my nails no one can stop me! I am so use to one or two coats that I could probably fix them up in my sleep.

When I opened my rose voxbox and saw the polishes for the first time, I thought cool I got 3 new nail polish bottles! I picked it right up out of the box and started reading the package. The bottles were numbered and very easy to figure out. But the pattern that they have you do is something that a professional should be doing not someone just starting out or someone who just paints their nails and is done with it. Also you have to paint them and paint them over and over again just to get this desired effect. I am not saying that the effect is not awesome, I'm just saying that when I did it mine didn't quite turn out like the ones on the box. They were close to them but not them lmao I wish I had taken a picture of them but they didn't last very long at all! That's the problem with layering nail polish though, It comes off in one big layer and then the top half of the nail is there and nail polish on the lower half.  Such a mess.

But maybe they weren't made for long term use but for only special purposes? I could handle the idea of doing something a little extra with my nails for certain holidays and such. The process is pretty hard on my hands! Maybe other women that don't do things like this for themselves can slap it on for a day and then a few days later have their nails back to normal! I'm not saying this would be the one for them but the idea would be the same.

I adore the color scheme and they were easy to use and not to watery. The smell was actually not as bad as other nail polishes. I thought that they were going to smell horrible but I was able to do it in my bedroom and no one in the house could tell I was painting them. It took me about half an hour to get my nails all done and dried...took forever to dry them!!! They still didn't feel dried as we headed out the door but we were already late and I couldn't wait any longer.

In conclusion, I love the colors of the polishes and I like the idea of the polishes but they just take way too long to apply and are way to hard on my hands. (arthritis) It's a layered look so they don't stay on your nails long but while its on there, you will enjoy looking at your nails! Although this kind isn't for me I love Kiss all the same and will continue to buy their products! You should try out this nail polish I think some of you will really love it!

I got this free from Influenster. The opinions stated above are just that, they are my opinions and I was in no way swayed by Influenster or Kiss on what to say in my review.

Lindt Lindor Truffles

If you are like me, then you are use to the same old Hershey's chocolate that we have come to love! The expensive chocolates always had a different taste. Nothing was ever as good as that single Hershey's kiss when it melts in your mouth. I never wanted to venture out and see what other kinds of chocolates there were. I always saw them sitting on the shelves at CVS or Walgreens but I never could make myself stop and say "instead of a 50 cent chocolate bar I think I am going to buy a 5 dollar bag and get less chocolate." 
One day last year though as I was going through my news feed I saw that Lindt was giving away free product coupons. When you see free and chocolate is in the sentence as well, you don't think about it anymore you just jump in and let the chips fall where they may. 

I printed out the coupons and headed off to the store. Now the problem with expensive candy or chocolate is, that it will most likely be a different price everywhere you go! CVS and Walgreens wanted 2 bucks more for the same bag that Walmart and Kroger were selling.  So after going to 4 or 5 stores I noticed that Kroger was going to be my best bet. With expensive chocolate, you would think there would be a lot of options but I only found a few. I grabbed the ones that I thought would be eaten the best and quickest in my home and came home with them. They were gone in no time I think I only got 2 or 3 pieces in all.

When I got my rose voxbox from Influenster, I noticed that there was a tiny little bag with one lindt truffle inside. I made sure that no one else saw this so that I could have it all to myself. I surprised myself by how much I really did like the chocolate. When you bite into one of these things you will think you are in heaven. The outside is just soft enough to hold in the ooey gooey amazing center. I tried to keep the bags cold but I noticed that the chocolates taste so much better when they are left out at room temp. They were too hard when they were kept cold and it took away from the taste a little bit.

In conclusion, if you like amazing chocolate then you will love these, but your wallet won't like the difference. It is more expensive then the traditional chocolate by a long shot! But you won't regret it once you pop one of these babies in your mouth!

I got this free from Influenster and all opinions are mine and in no way swayed by Lindt or Influenster.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara Scandaleyes

Usually I am not one for make up. Not because I don't like but simply because I never get out anywhere to wear make up to. My husband works thirds so we pretty much don't do anything and then I go on a paper route a few times a week. Nothing special in my routine. But I did slip in a day where I pampered myself just to feel special.

I used the Scandaleyes mascara along with my usual make up and I have to say I thought that I looked better then usual! This mascara will really make your eyes pop as it did for women like my mother all those years ago! You Should see her she is a fox! If I can find a picture I will post it!
                                                        My Mommy and my Daddy!

             My Scandaleyes by Rimmel in my make up box fits well beside my Rimmel foundation!

                       The package I got for free free from Influenster and I am in love with it!

If you love your eyes and love to make them be the center of attention then Scandaleyes is for you! I'm telling you you will get so many compliments its not even crazy! I only went to the post office and I had 2 ladies asked me what I used!  It felt good to be stopped and asked about a make up thing since I rarely do my make up!

Dr. Scholl's For Her Crazy Cushions

When it comes to feet how likely are you to pay more just for comfort? Is it bad that the only time I use products from Dr. Scholl's, It's because I got a free sample. So the old one is all crappy and beyond ready to go! Am I the only one who let's it go to long? We just simply can't afford the outrageous prices but wow do we appreciate the amazingness that is Dr. Scholl's when we get to try them! So When I found them in my Rose vox Box from Influenster (Totally free and I get to keep I just have to give them my honest opinion!) I was very excited and I have to admit that someone else got to try them out before me.

 My husband Jay, just fell in love with them and he wanted to try them out in his work boots. He has humongous feet I knew that they would not fill his boots but he used them anyway. When he got home the next morning he said he loved them and wished that they were just a little bit bigger because either his heal or his toes were always hanging off of it! Other then that he said it made his feet feel really good and that they didn't hurt as much as usual.

 What my husband said really got me interested because he works in a factory on his feet all day and his feet ALWAYS hurt when he gets home! If these things for women can work that well for a guy, why aren't they selling to them and give me them so I can try them out! As I put them in, I had a little bit of trouble but got it in within a minute or so. Make sure you grab inside and pull up then downwards and it will slip right in!

 Then when I put my feet in them I was speechless. They were better then what Jay had described! My shoes were tighter but that only took a second to adjust and now I felt taller! The Cushions are simply amazing, I love them. My feet don't hurt anymore after the paper route! I can walk more without feeling like I need to ice my feet.

 I recommend this to women of all ages and if it is affordable I will buy it again. it really comforts the feet like you are wearing slippers but they have some umph to them. Try this out for yourself though I think you will be amazed about how well your feet can really feel!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Zevia Giveaway

As someone who is just starting out with blogging, the things that is always on my mind is am I helping anyone? Are the reviews that I take the time to type up even being used? Another thing that is always on my mind is followers. If I can't get anyone to read what is the point? So I decided to try and get two birds with one stone and have my first giveaway! I am hoping many of you will share this giveaway with your family and friends! I know it'snot much but it's my first one and I already have more to come! So please enter, have an amazing day and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, November 11, 2013


I get to try all sorts of new things for free with my different review sites. Zevia is a name that has been thrown around a lot of sites like Swaggable and Mom's Meet. All I knew about it was that it was made from the Stevia plant and was sugar free. Now if you know me then you know that sugar free is not normally in my vocabulary but when you get the opportunity to try something out for free you take it and run with it! So of course when Mom's Meet sent me an invite to try it out with my group I just had to at least sign up. Then one day I got the email and instead of the usual you were not picked I got a congrats message!

Others have gotten this in the past so I took to Facebook to find out what comes in the package. They all told me that it was free product coupons, coupons to give away, and a cooler. So right away I was thinking hmm even if I don't like the product, I end up putting a few "good" things into my body, and get a free cooler!

I don't go to the site as much as I should so I never know when packages are coming. It came Fed Ex and as I am signed up for Fed Ex alerts you would think it would have told me it was coming right? Hell no! It was down by the front door and sat there all day until Jay found it on his way out for work! I think the people are too scared to steal anymore but you never know. So Grr on you Fed Ex! Anyway he runs it up and says you have a package! He never got into while he was on work release but now that he sees what I can get he even gets excited for the mail now!

He turns and leaves for work all bummed because he doesn't get to see what is inside! I look at the label and see Mom's Meet and know what it is immediately. I rip open the package and I pulled out the cooler first and my first thought was wow that is cool. Just like a little kid I was already searching for the next thing. I found multiple free 6 pack coupons and $2 dollar off a 6 pack coupons. They also sent paper work which to be honest I did not read it all but I skimmed through. The second page was quite helpful. As we had never seen Zevia in stores it helped us to identify what it looked like and what flavors they had.

So I sent my husband out with a list of acceptable flavors. He pretty much knows what I will drink and what I won't so I wasn't worried. He came home with Cream Soda, Ginger Root Beer, and Black Cherry. The store only had a few things from the list. I was unable to get the girls together for a party so I took a can of the different flavors to about 10 of my mom friends and used the feed back from all of them and myself to form this review.

Check out what a few of the mom's had to say--

Jamie said "The first time I tasted the Ginger Root Beer, I thought it tasted like flat root beer. Oddly when I chilled it the taste got weird. I liked it much better in a chilled winter room."

Amber said " As far as sugar free goes, this black cherry tastes almost the same as the normal kind. I would buy again if they ever come down in price!"

Brittney said " The Ginger Root Beer was not as good as I had hoped it would be. It tasted so flat and nothing like root beer like I had hoped. I tried adding Truvia but even that didn't help. I love the idea of it so maybe I will try a different flavor. I am definitely willing to especially with a coupon!"

Dawn said " I love cream soda and was happy when you had it on the list of choices! I drank every last drop if it and I am in love! I found my new drink and I am shocked to say it's sugar free!"

I had mixed reviews on Zevia from my mom friends. I did notice that they either loved it or hated it, there was no "in between." When I tried Zevia, I had a mixed reaction to it because I got to try some of each one. I felt that the black cherry was the best out of all three flavors. It was the only one that tasted like a normal drink out of choices. When it comes to my family and I, I learned that we are NOT sugar free drinkers.

I had so much fun trying something new that I would have never tried without getting it for free. Not only did I open up the world of sugarless drinks for my family I also opened it up for my many mom friends and their families as well. There are a few I know who have went out and purchased Zevia since I shared a drink with them, their only complaint is the price. These things are over $6 a 6 pack. For something that tastes the way that Zevia does I wouldn't pay 25 cents a can let alone over a $1.

None of us had ever heard of or seen Zevia in our local stores, so we were surprised when we went out searching for the brand and found some options (not a whole bunch but a few) at the store to choose from. Is it bad that we have been going to these stores almost our whole lives yet we never saw this on the shelves? Zevia needs to advertise more and find a better way to really soon. I mean if people can walk right by and glance at your product and not remember it, you have a problem.

I think that diabetics and people trying to turn their lives around are the target audience for this product. It is not horrible, I would drink it if there was nothing else in the fridge. Zevia is just not my option for an every day drink. Sugar is something that I am use to and the kick helps me get through the day. When I had these it was almost like drinking flavored water in a way because there was no kick. There was no real kicker, nothing really memorable about Zevia in my experience. They for sure have a target audience, but that is not me.

The silver lining in all of this has to be the free cooler! This thing is so amazing I am going to do another blog post just for it! If you get the chance to purchase one of these coolers, DO IT! Even in a blazing hot factory it stayed colder longer then any other cooler we have tried! This thing is awesome you have to read the next blog post about it!

I want to thank Zevia and Mom's Meet for letting us try this product for free in exchange for an honest review. While Zevia is not for everyone, I know that someone reading this will go out and try it and love it! Don't ever be scared to try something new. Fear only hinders your ability to find new things to love. If Zevia sounds like something you would love to try head over to the Zevia website for a list of stores in your area that carry Zevia and get out there and try something new! You better take one of these coupons with you though because the prices are pretty salty!

My First Experience With Etsy

Being in the freebie community I have been hearing about Etsy for a really long time. I never checked it out because I assumed it was just like all the other sites with cheap products but a huge shipping price. Then someone sent me a gift card on Wrapp. If you have never heard of Wrapp you have to check it out. It's this awesome service that let's you send and receive gift cards. Some of the gift cards are kind of pointless but then other times they are worth using! Anyway I got a $5 gift card to Etsy and I was bored so I figured I would try it out and at least go on and check to see what it was all about.

From what I can gather, Etsy is a site where people can go and sell their goods for cheap. It reminds me of an online flea market. The site is very easy to manuever and very appealing visually. I was able to quickly find what I was looking for and search through them with ease. I ended up on Charmed Life By Kim portion of Etsy. I love minions so that is what I was looking for and she has a wide range of characters to choose from. I ended up picking a minion charm, its not breakable and even comes with a cord on top to attach it to a bracelet or necklace. The checkout process was quick and painless and I didn't even need a credit card number to get it! Just type in that Etsy gift card number and it does all the rest for you. In a matter of minutes you are all checked out and waiting for your new gift to arrive!

I realize that this is just some random chick selling from her home that's why when it took a minute to find out if it had shipped or get any information what so ever on it, I took a deep breath and just waited for it to come. When I did get delivery confirmation it was only about 3 days and it arrived at my door. It was all wrapped up in an envelope, tightly sealed so it would not fall out and clearly marked with her business name so I knew exactly what was in the envelope.

When I took it out of the envelope, it was a little smaller then it appeared in the picture. I was happy about that because I was afraid that it would be too big to use on a jewelery project. Turns out it is the perfect size! I can not wait to get it on something and show it off, I just have to figure out what I am going to use it for. My husband wants to steal it for his key chain, we will have to see about that.

All and all I really enjoyed Etsy. They have some really low prices with shipping that even I can afford! From what I have seen and heard from others all of the items are of good quality. I have yet to hear of someone who has gotten burned by Etsy. Go and check them out for yourselves, it is super easy to join, search, and buy something amazing!