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Monday, October 28, 2013

Truvia Natural Sweetener

There are many different kinds of sugars. Some real sugars and some sweeteners. Many people can not use either one because of medical problems. Those people are always looking for ways to get their sugar kick without making themselves sick. I have Fibromyalgia and am not suppose to have artificial sugars because they will mess with my body. It is never fun having to watch what you put into your body just so you don't make yourself sick.

When I heard of Truvia, I thought that it would be just like all the others. I assumed that it would be nothing like real sugar and it would make me sick. I decided to make some Kool aid with the Truvia when we ran out of real sugar. I was expecting the drink to taste bad, you know off a little bit. Kind of like when you shop at Aldi's because they have some really low prices but then the products taste nothing like their famous counterparts.

When I lifted the drink to my lips, I got a little smell of it and it smelled the same as always. The first sip was like I was drinking my usual drink. If I hadn't known that the drink was made from Truvia I would have assumed it was made with real sugar. I drank it all down without another thought and waited to see if my body would react. After a few hours my body was all good, I wasn't thirsty anymore, and I realized that I found a new alternative to sugar!

If you are looking for an amazing way to have drinks that taste the same but have so much less sugar then you need to get yourself some Truvia.

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