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Sunday, October 6, 2013


When it comes to what I want my house to smell like, I usually go with a smell that I know. Unless I have a coupon and then I go with what I can get. When I found out the Renuzits' were 99 cents and I had a coupon for 75 cents off I knew I had to get a couple. When I got to Target I noticed that these were some weird smells. I didn't really like the smells but I knew I had to pick something. I decided to go with chocolate covered cherries. I can't stand to eat them but my husband loves them so I figured he would the smell of them. When I brought them home I didn't use them for awhile and I didn't even tell him that I had bought them. Once he found them he started turning them to let the smell out.

I love how the smell is "activated" by just turning the whole air freshener. The whole room started smelling like chocolate as soon as he "opened" it up. I couldn't believe how much I like the smell and I had to eat my words. My husband gloated about how awesome they were and how he knew that they would be!

The smell lasts a really time as well and any time that it starts to not smell as much you just turn it and the smell returns. We have had these 2 air fresheners for many months now and they are still letting off an amazing smell. They are totally worth the quarter that I paid for them and the dollar they are suppose to be. I will get these again and I totally recommend them to anyone who wants an air freshener but doesn't want to go around spraying it every day. You will not be sorry that you got these I promise!

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