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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


It is crazy to think that everything out there could make you sick. Everything is just sitting there with tiny germs all over just waiting for you to stick out your hand and get all of those germs. Most germs you can't see with the naked eye and you don't realize they are even there until you are sick a few days later. As we get into colder weather it is time for everyone to start remembering that flu season is almost among us.  Flu shots are not something we get in my family. We just never understood why we would want to go and get infected with the flu, when you may not even get sick the whole season. We are always looking for new ways to stay safe and not sick for the winter.

One of the ways that we try to stay healthy is by using Purell. When, I first saw the bottle I thought that it was a huge waste of money. It looks like hand soap and comes in almost the same container as hand soap. Some are big containers and they also have travel sized ones for moving around easily and for taking them in purses or pockets as well.

When you see the container and use it for the first time, it is kind of hard to judge how much you need. Its not like lotion where it will spread out if you use too much and its not like soap where it will show up so you know just how much you have. Its a clear liquid and one squirt, sometimes half a squirt is all you need. Just stick your hand under the nozzle and push, it couldn't be any easier then that.  It does feel a little weird and you will feel a little chill until you get use to it.

I couldn't tell you how many times we have had to buy new bottles of this stuff, but it keeps us from getting sick so much so we will keep using it. Once winter gets here you won't see us getting sick from snotty hands or germy phones and other appliances.  If you have never used Purell before you need to try it out. It is so much faster then washing your hands all the time and saves from the many flu colds that you may be experiencing in a few short months. I will keep using mine will you use your's too?

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