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Monday, October 28, 2013

Million Year Mud

As women we all do things to our faces that we wouldn't want anyone to see. Whether its zit creams or face washes our faces are never left alone. Its no wonder with all the make up around that we would have to use these products. So many things dry out or make your face oily that are suppose to be "beautifying" I rarely take part in these customs being a tom boy. There are times though that I want to feel pretty and I will look for something that will help me to feel that way. I decided to head out to my local store and see what I could find to put on my face that wouldn't hurt it. When I go on and read reviews it just makes me even more confused about the right product to use. The aisles aren't filled to the brim but there are a handful of choices that could make it difficult to find the right one.

When I got an invite to try Million Year Mud from Swaggable I jumped right on the wagon. Could it be that what I was looking for found me? I could not wait to see if this product worked in the way it was suppose to and kept me from drying out. There is nothing worse then using a masque and then when you take it off you feel worse then when you put the masque on. If a product doesn't work right for me, I usually won't try another variety I will just assume they all work in the same way.If that way is not a good one then I will never know what else their products can do for me unless I get another free sample.

When I put this masque on it started feeling like it was drying up and my face got really tight. Since I have used other masques in the past I knew that this was a normal feeling and wasn't too worried about it. I left it on until it was all dried up and then started to wash it off my face. I then noticed that it was not an easy job to get this stuff off. It sticks to your fingers even when they are being held under water. When I finally got it all the way off I noticed that my face felt amazing. There were no bumps and it wasn't as dry as usual. The next day when I got up and looked in the mirror I noticed new zits that had poked through during the night and my face was not as smooth anymore.

If you have a party or event to go to then this is for sure the product to use right before you head out. Your face will look and feel amazing, for that day. The next day there may be some things happening that you don't want to happen BUT for those few hours after wards your face is simply amazing.

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