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Friday, October 25, 2013

Writing Scary Scenes by Rayne Hall

Writing has been a passion of mine for a very long time but I have never had that last little push to where I actually achieved my goal. I'm not sure if it's just nerves or maybe I didn't have the correct skills to put a whole book together. Could all of us be writer's if we had the right instructions? If there was a book out there that outlined the very essence of what a book should entail to be successful, would you use it? Would you assume you already know everything in the book? It's never so much the words in the book it's how the author molds those words that is important. If you can't keep the attention of your audience then your book will fail.

I had the pleasure of reading " Writing Scary Scenes by Rayne Hall."  I'm not going to lie I was like everyone else I went into this book thinking I was not going to learn anything that I hadn't learned back in school. From the very beginning the book sets the tone, it pulls you in just like the very topic you are learning to write about. I loved the whole book and was happy with the way it was written and laid out.

My friend wants to start writing scripts and making movies and I told him about this book as soon as I read it, I feel it can be applied not only to books but movies as well. I'm not going to lie I felt like I was in high school again, feeling compelled to write notes through the entire book. I was fascinated at the fact that I never thought to put all of these things together. Here are a few of my favorite topics and some of the most informative:


Before I read this book I didn't realize all the different levels of fear. Most are givens like dread, terror, horror etc. but you can also use things like excitement, unease, shock etc. The different forms of fear  are meant to be used together, like in your favorite horror flick. Make sure you really pay attention the next time you are watching a movie. The writer is able to get you involved like you are right there in the movie/story and you start to feel all of the same feelings of horror and unease. A GREAT writer can make your heart race along with the main character.


If I put a blindfold on you, you would have to build your other senses to find your way around. Apply this logic to a scary story. If you do it correctly you will have your reader's on the edge of their seats. Who wouldn't enjoy a beautifully written piece about a couple of kids fumbling around in a haunted house in the dark because their flashlight batteries went dead, leaving them basically blind, bumping around in a house full of who knows what? Always play with the senses it will draw in the audience.

If you have ever had that drive to write a book and there will be scary moments in it, pick up your own copy of this for a super low price! Head over to Amazon to find out all the details on how you could be reading this very book in moments on your kindle! I recommend this to anyone that wants to learn how to write and write with the confidence you need to be successful. I hope to hear some of your scary stories!!

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