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Monday, October 28, 2013


Are you like many of the other people in this world who uses energy products? Sometimes those products don't even work and we are left feeling like we were cheated out of money. My husband is always looking for the next big thing to keep him awake and going all night at work. Usually he won't try the free samples of energy stuff that I receive in the mail. None of it ever looks like it would taste good or even work. If you need energy you want something that is going to give you it.

When it comes to energy, you never think of calories. Many of those products have so much sugar and calories in them that they hurt you more then help. After a few hours you "crash" and end up feeling even worse then before. Have you ever hoped there was a product that worked, tasted good, and didn't make you crash?

Energems are a form of energy that looks just like candy. If you are in love with M and M's you will love the way these look and taste! They look like an oversized M and M, like 6 of them put together. The taste is nothing like M and M's but its also not a bad taste. The box that I got for free had 9 of them inside. It says that the whole box is equal to 3 of the sugar filled energy drinks and 3 Energems (which are made of real milk chocolate) are equal to a strong cup of coffee.

Energems do not work like normal energy suppliers. There is no crash and you don't feel all wired on sugar. At the same time, even though they don't have these things they do really work. It's not an intense energy rush but it does the job and for longer then those energy drinks and shots! These are so much safer for you I feel then the energy drinks but there is still a warning not to eat too many of them in a day.

As long as they are not abused these can and are an effective way to help with energy. I use these and I think many other people would as well instead of the energy drinks if they knew how well they tasted and worked. Just pop them in and you are done in seconds, no spending hours drinking a Rockstar or Monster. Bottom line--Try these out if you need some energy.

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