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Monday, October 28, 2013

Cottonelle Clean Care

When you think of wipes do you think of babies or adults? Is it weird to think that you could be using a wipe when you go to the bathroom instead of toilet paper? When I found out that I was going to get to try these adult wipes I was a little bit worried. I wasn't sure if I would like to use these, I knew they would work but I wasn't sure how they would make me feel. As an adult I feel I grew up a long time ago and these are for kids who can't do it themselves.

 Upon getting the package I was even more intrigued because they do look just like baby wipes. The container is really cute and not too big. I like that it doesn't take up much space in my already small and cluttered bathroom. It opens in two different places. One place is where you put in the wipes to begin with and then the second on is the top where the wipes come out. I have noticed that just like with regular wipes, they often get stuck and you end up having to open the second compartment. Also just like regular wipes, the container keeps them from drying out so that there is always a nice moist wipe waiting for you. Going number 2 can be hard on your bum so with the help of these moist wipes, you can keep your bum from hurting as much. The moisture inside of the wipe keeps you from drying out and chaffing. You also use less to clean yourself up. You would use double the regular toilet paper and still may not be done cleaning up. With the wipes it is quick and easy.

 They say that they can be flushed down the toilet with no problems, I haven't had any problems yet. I know you can't flush regular wipes so I am curious as to if these will do any damage and if they do what kind and how much. If I hadn't gotten these free from Crowdtap I would probably never of tried them. I was scared of what would come from it but I know now not to let myself be scared off by a product that turns out to work very well. If I could I would only use these wipes for every bathroom trip. Try these you will love them and you will have a new edition to your bathroom routine.

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