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Monday, October 28, 2013

Bodycology Brown Sugar Vanilla

Many people have good memories of smells in the kitchen as they were growing up. You can smell a certain smell and memories can come flooding back. I loved it when I would go into the kitchen and see my daddy making some sort of dessert for us to eat later that day. Everyone else had to wait but I got to try what daddy made as soon as it came out of the oven. Are there certain smells that you smell and you can't help but day dream? I received a free bottle of Bodycology and as soon as I opened the cap it smelled so good! I couldn't imagine a better smelling lotion. The packaging was nice and really kept your attention. Do not let it distract you for too long though because too much of this lotion and you will be greasy for awhile. I made the mistake of putting too much in my hands (too much doesn't seem like enough) I assumed that I would need more. A little bit of this lotion really goes a long way. Your hands are really smooth after the greasiness goes away, and the day after putting it on I can still smell it on my hands. It doesn't wash off it easily it stays and the smell lingers. This is great lotion with an amazing smell and it really works when your hands are a bit dry. I haven't tried it on rough cracked hands yet to see how it will stand up to them but I will try it as winter gets to my hands and do an update on this blog. I'm not sure what the price is but for free this lotion was awesome. If you want to be reminded of your childhood then pick up some of this lotion, you won't be disappointed.

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