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Monday, October 28, 2013

GoGo SqueeZ

When you have kids there are so many things that you need to do. Everything will keep your mind spinning and it's easy to forget to do the important things. When it comes to making food and fixing lunches, anything that can speed up the process when you are busy, is a HUGE help! When you can just take something and hand it as a snack or throw it in a lunchbox it really saves time. Some old favorites are finding their ways back into lunch boxes in the last few years. Many healthy lunch choices are not given because there is simply no way to provide them to your child.

When I got to try out GoGo SqueeZ I was interested to know if it would taste anything like normal applesauce. Anytime they take and repackage something it seems to have a different taste. The pouches are so small that you don't think that there would be enough in there to fill you up, for a child though the serving size is just the right amount to keep them moving and happy.  I love the way it is packaged. You can't take applesauce on the go usually and you always think of a spoon when you think of it. 

With GoGo SqueeZ you don't have to take the time to find a bowl and everything else you would normally need. All you do is open the lid and suck it all up into your mouth. It even tasted better then normal applesauce. I wish I could of ate the whole package in one sitting. My kids and husband enjoyed them as well and we have already went out and bought more. Lunches and snack time have just become one step easier and I couldn't be happier.

Million Year Mud

As women we all do things to our faces that we wouldn't want anyone to see. Whether its zit creams or face washes our faces are never left alone. Its no wonder with all the make up around that we would have to use these products. So many things dry out or make your face oily that are suppose to be "beautifying" I rarely take part in these customs being a tom boy. There are times though that I want to feel pretty and I will look for something that will help me to feel that way. I decided to head out to my local store and see what I could find to put on my face that wouldn't hurt it. When I go on and read reviews it just makes me even more confused about the right product to use. The aisles aren't filled to the brim but there are a handful of choices that could make it difficult to find the right one.

When I got an invite to try Million Year Mud from Swaggable I jumped right on the wagon. Could it be that what I was looking for found me? I could not wait to see if this product worked in the way it was suppose to and kept me from drying out. There is nothing worse then using a masque and then when you take it off you feel worse then when you put the masque on. If a product doesn't work right for me, I usually won't try another variety I will just assume they all work in the same way.If that way is not a good one then I will never know what else their products can do for me unless I get another free sample.

When I put this masque on it started feeling like it was drying up and my face got really tight. Since I have used other masques in the past I knew that this was a normal feeling and wasn't too worried about it. I left it on until it was all dried up and then started to wash it off my face. I then noticed that it was not an easy job to get this stuff off. It sticks to your fingers even when they are being held under water. When I finally got it all the way off I noticed that my face felt amazing. There were no bumps and it wasn't as dry as usual. The next day when I got up and looked in the mirror I noticed new zits that had poked through during the night and my face was not as smooth anymore.

If you have a party or event to go to then this is for sure the product to use right before you head out. Your face will look and feel amazing, for that day. The next day there may be some things happening that you don't want to happen BUT for those few hours after wards your face is simply amazing.

Choco Cherry Bunny Bar

Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely eat anything healthy.  Healthy stuff just does not taste as good as stuff that isn't as good for you. It has all kinds of vitamins and grains and just general stuff that animals eat and survive on. I have always said that I don't eat salads because I don't like "rabbit food" There has to be something to offset the taste of healthy. What better way to offset that taste then to put in some good tasting fruit and chocolate?

When the bar first arrived I was hesitant to eat it at first. While sitting there thinking about it I came to the conclusion that I was being a child about it. I was not being forced to eat anything and if at one bite in I thought it tasted horrible. I could move on with my day and know that I at least tried it. When I opened it up it looked even worse then I was expecting. For normal people it probably looks just like any other healthy bar but to me it looked like the worst food you can think of to eat.

The packaging was nice, if not just a little bit plain. Stands out though among the already more plain bars on the market. It was easy to get open and observe. Another thing I failed to mention is that cherry and I don't always get along. Cherry I feel is an acquired taste and one that I have yet to acquire. But I was brave and bit down on the choco cherry bar. From the first bite I knew that this was not quite what I expected but I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or bad. I have never tasted anything quite like it and to be honest I am not sure if I wish to try any other varieties.

The texture and taste were not horrible, they were just not my cup of tea. I won't be trying any more of these bars but that shouldn't stop you from it. Everyone is different we all like different things and remember this is a post from a junk food queen not a healthy eater!

Nivea A Kiss of Smoothness

No matter what time of the year it is my lips will chap, and then I will bite them or pick at them to get the skin off. That makes it worse and they start to hurt and sometimes bleed. Winter, is the worst on my lips. The cold air and wind on them and then the dry heat conditions inside warm houses isn't any better. People are always looking at my lips and judging me on them. Just because I bite my lips, I am not a freak. I just get nervous or anxious or the obvious, the weather, and then I start biting while I day dream.  I knew that I had to find some sort of product to help keep them smooth so people wouldn't stare. I wasn't sure where to start so I went to the local Wal-Mart and discovered a whole array of lip products.

Looking up and down the shelves at all the products that claimed to keep lips moisturized all day and some that included sun screen. I stopped on the Nivea product line. There were all kinds of varieties and they all sounded so amazing. I think I learned more about lip products that day then I had in my whole life. In the end I couldn't decide and went with the packaging that I liked the best. Since my favorite color is blue I went with the Kiss of Smoothness, since the container is almost all blue.

I couldn't wait to get home and try this out since you can't smell it in the store. When I opened it up and put it on I noticed that I enjoy the smell of it and it really stays on your lips. I ate dinner, brushed my teeth, and smoked a cig among other things and it was still on there as I laid down to go to sleep. I knew this product would take a few weeks to really see if it would keep my lips from drying out. After a few weeks of using it I can really tell the difference when I forget it for a few days.

This seems like a product that works when you remember to use it but really doesn't help at all in the times you forget. I haven't used a lip product before that could keep me from wanting to bite on my lips and now I found one. I'm not sure if I will try out a different Nivea product or keep using this one but I know that I will be happy with whatever I choose. Nivea continues to rise to the occasion and be the best in lip care products.


Are you like many of the other people in this world who uses energy products? Sometimes those products don't even work and we are left feeling like we were cheated out of money. My husband is always looking for the next big thing to keep him awake and going all night at work. Usually he won't try the free samples of energy stuff that I receive in the mail. None of it ever looks like it would taste good or even work. If you need energy you want something that is going to give you it.

When it comes to energy, you never think of calories. Many of those products have so much sugar and calories in them that they hurt you more then help. After a few hours you "crash" and end up feeling even worse then before. Have you ever hoped there was a product that worked, tasted good, and didn't make you crash?

Energems are a form of energy that looks just like candy. If you are in love with M and M's you will love the way these look and taste! They look like an oversized M and M, like 6 of them put together. The taste is nothing like M and M's but its also not a bad taste. The box that I got for free had 9 of them inside. It says that the whole box is equal to 3 of the sugar filled energy drinks and 3 Energems (which are made of real milk chocolate) are equal to a strong cup of coffee.

Energems do not work like normal energy suppliers. There is no crash and you don't feel all wired on sugar. At the same time, even though they don't have these things they do really work. It's not an intense energy rush but it does the job and for longer then those energy drinks and shots! These are so much safer for you I feel then the energy drinks but there is still a warning not to eat too many of them in a day.

As long as they are not abused these can and are an effective way to help with energy. I use these and I think many other people would as well instead of the energy drinks if they knew how well they tasted and worked. Just pop them in and you are done in seconds, no spending hours drinking a Rockstar or Monster. Bottom line--Try these out if you need some energy.

Truvia Natural Sweetener

There are many different kinds of sugars. Some real sugars and some sweeteners. Many people can not use either one because of medical problems. Those people are always looking for ways to get their sugar kick without making themselves sick. I have Fibromyalgia and am not suppose to have artificial sugars because they will mess with my body. It is never fun having to watch what you put into your body just so you don't make yourself sick.

When I heard of Truvia, I thought that it would be just like all the others. I assumed that it would be nothing like real sugar and it would make me sick. I decided to make some Kool aid with the Truvia when we ran out of real sugar. I was expecting the drink to taste bad, you know off a little bit. Kind of like when you shop at Aldi's because they have some really low prices but then the products taste nothing like their famous counterparts.

When I lifted the drink to my lips, I got a little smell of it and it smelled the same as always. The first sip was like I was drinking my usual drink. If I hadn't known that the drink was made from Truvia I would have assumed it was made with real sugar. I drank it all down without another thought and waited to see if my body would react. After a few hours my body was all good, I wasn't thirsty anymore, and I realized that I found a new alternative to sugar!

If you are looking for an amazing way to have drinks that taste the same but have so much less sugar then you need to get yourself some Truvia.

Cottonelle Clean Care

When you think of wipes do you think of babies or adults? Is it weird to think that you could be using a wipe when you go to the bathroom instead of toilet paper? When I found out that I was going to get to try these adult wipes I was a little bit worried. I wasn't sure if I would like to use these, I knew they would work but I wasn't sure how they would make me feel. As an adult I feel I grew up a long time ago and these are for kids who can't do it themselves.

 Upon getting the package I was even more intrigued because they do look just like baby wipes. The container is really cute and not too big. I like that it doesn't take up much space in my already small and cluttered bathroom. It opens in two different places. One place is where you put in the wipes to begin with and then the second on is the top where the wipes come out. I have noticed that just like with regular wipes, they often get stuck and you end up having to open the second compartment. Also just like regular wipes, the container keeps them from drying out so that there is always a nice moist wipe waiting for you. Going number 2 can be hard on your bum so with the help of these moist wipes, you can keep your bum from hurting as much. The moisture inside of the wipe keeps you from drying out and chaffing. You also use less to clean yourself up. You would use double the regular toilet paper and still may not be done cleaning up. With the wipes it is quick and easy.

 They say that they can be flushed down the toilet with no problems, I haven't had any problems yet. I know you can't flush regular wipes so I am curious as to if these will do any damage and if they do what kind and how much. If I hadn't gotten these free from Crowdtap I would probably never of tried them. I was scared of what would come from it but I know now not to let myself be scared off by a product that turns out to work very well. If I could I would only use these wipes for every bathroom trip. Try these you will love them and you will have a new edition to your bathroom routine.

Bodycology Brown Sugar Vanilla

Many people have good memories of smells in the kitchen as they were growing up. You can smell a certain smell and memories can come flooding back. I loved it when I would go into the kitchen and see my daddy making some sort of dessert for us to eat later that day. Everyone else had to wait but I got to try what daddy made as soon as it came out of the oven. Are there certain smells that you smell and you can't help but day dream? I received a free bottle of Bodycology and as soon as I opened the cap it smelled so good! I couldn't imagine a better smelling lotion. The packaging was nice and really kept your attention. Do not let it distract you for too long though because too much of this lotion and you will be greasy for awhile. I made the mistake of putting too much in my hands (too much doesn't seem like enough) I assumed that I would need more. A little bit of this lotion really goes a long way. Your hands are really smooth after the greasiness goes away, and the day after putting it on I can still smell it on my hands. It doesn't wash off it easily it stays and the smell lingers. This is great lotion with an amazing smell and it really works when your hands are a bit dry. I haven't tried it on rough cracked hands yet to see how it will stand up to them but I will try it as winter gets to my hands and do an update on this blog. I'm not sure what the price is but for free this lotion was awesome. If you want to be reminded of your childhood then pick up some of this lotion, you won't be disappointed.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Writing Scary Scenes by Rayne Hall

Writing has been a passion of mine for a very long time but I have never had that last little push to where I actually achieved my goal. I'm not sure if it's just nerves or maybe I didn't have the correct skills to put a whole book together. Could all of us be writer's if we had the right instructions? If there was a book out there that outlined the very essence of what a book should entail to be successful, would you use it? Would you assume you already know everything in the book? It's never so much the words in the book it's how the author molds those words that is important. If you can't keep the attention of your audience then your book will fail.

I had the pleasure of reading " Writing Scary Scenes by Rayne Hall."  I'm not going to lie I was like everyone else I went into this book thinking I was not going to learn anything that I hadn't learned back in school. From the very beginning the book sets the tone, it pulls you in just like the very topic you are learning to write about. I loved the whole book and was happy with the way it was written and laid out.

My friend wants to start writing scripts and making movies and I told him about this book as soon as I read it, I feel it can be applied not only to books but movies as well. I'm not going to lie I felt like I was in high school again, feeling compelled to write notes through the entire book. I was fascinated at the fact that I never thought to put all of these things together. Here are a few of my favorite topics and some of the most informative:


Before I read this book I didn't realize all the different levels of fear. Most are givens like dread, terror, horror etc. but you can also use things like excitement, unease, shock etc. The different forms of fear  are meant to be used together, like in your favorite horror flick. Make sure you really pay attention the next time you are watching a movie. The writer is able to get you involved like you are right there in the movie/story and you start to feel all of the same feelings of horror and unease. A GREAT writer can make your heart race along with the main character.


If I put a blindfold on you, you would have to build your other senses to find your way around. Apply this logic to a scary story. If you do it correctly you will have your reader's on the edge of their seats. Who wouldn't enjoy a beautifully written piece about a couple of kids fumbling around in a haunted house in the dark because their flashlight batteries went dead, leaving them basically blind, bumping around in a house full of who knows what? Always play with the senses it will draw in the audience.

If you have ever had that drive to write a book and there will be scary moments in it, pick up your own copy of this for a super low price! Head over to Amazon to find out all the details on how you could be reading this very book in moments on your kindle! I recommend this to anyone that wants to learn how to write and write with the confidence you need to be successful. I hope to hear some of your scary stories!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Iams® I am trying out Iams for free from Smiley 360 and my dog can't be happier!


It is crazy to think that everything out there could make you sick. Everything is just sitting there with tiny germs all over just waiting for you to stick out your hand and get all of those germs. Most germs you can't see with the naked eye and you don't realize they are even there until you are sick a few days later. As we get into colder weather it is time for everyone to start remembering that flu season is almost among us.  Flu shots are not something we get in my family. We just never understood why we would want to go and get infected with the flu, when you may not even get sick the whole season. We are always looking for new ways to stay safe and not sick for the winter.

One of the ways that we try to stay healthy is by using Purell. When, I first saw the bottle I thought that it was a huge waste of money. It looks like hand soap and comes in almost the same container as hand soap. Some are big containers and they also have travel sized ones for moving around easily and for taking them in purses or pockets as well.

When you see the container and use it for the first time, it is kind of hard to judge how much you need. Its not like lotion where it will spread out if you use too much and its not like soap where it will show up so you know just how much you have. Its a clear liquid and one squirt, sometimes half a squirt is all you need. Just stick your hand under the nozzle and push, it couldn't be any easier then that.  It does feel a little weird and you will feel a little chill until you get use to it.

I couldn't tell you how many times we have had to buy new bottles of this stuff, but it keeps us from getting sick so much so we will keep using it. Once winter gets here you won't see us getting sick from snotty hands or germy phones and other appliances.  If you have never used Purell before you need to try it out. It is so much faster then washing your hands all the time and saves from the many flu colds that you may be experiencing in a few short months. I will keep using mine will you use your's too?

Activ On Arthritis

Most people know that I have multiple health problems, but what many people probably don't know is that I take care of many of my problems with things you can buy without a prescription. Part of that is because I don't like taking medications but mostly it's because we can't afford to be paying for stuff every month. One of my health problems is arthritis. You would not believe how much your hands and body can hurt after a long day. Even if you don't think you are doing any activity that will make you will hurt!  One day I was over at my parent's house and it was a bad day on my hands and shoulders and my dad gets out this stuff and says put it on. It wasn't long before I was feeling better!

It really simple to apply as well. Super easy for people with arthritis in their hands. Just turn the lid and take it off then turn it (like deodorant) until its at the desired level and apply to wherever you hurt. It does go on cold so you may chill for a few minutes but when you get use to it you are going to be in love. One of the things that I love about it is that it has no smell like icy hot or ben gay. You aren't running around smelling like an old man so you can apply it any time day or night.

It is a little expensive but I have had the same bottle for months so I find it well worth the money. If something can last for months you need to try it out. It has saved me a bunch of money in the long run and it will save you money as well. I highly recommend this product, it has worked for me where the other products have failed. This has worked for me for over two years now and I don't see it failing me now. I know that when I put this on I will be feeling better within minutes.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Goosebumps Contest

Have you entered to win the Goosebumps contest yet?? What are you waiting for head on over for the chance to win a DVD or even a vacation! Head on over to their Facebook page to enter now!!

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Sunday, October 6, 2013


When it comes to what I want my house to smell like, I usually go with a smell that I know. Unless I have a coupon and then I go with what I can get. When I found out the Renuzits' were 99 cents and I had a coupon for 75 cents off I knew I had to get a couple. When I got to Target I noticed that these were some weird smells. I didn't really like the smells but I knew I had to pick something. I decided to go with chocolate covered cherries. I can't stand to eat them but my husband loves them so I figured he would the smell of them. When I brought them home I didn't use them for awhile and I didn't even tell him that I had bought them. Once he found them he started turning them to let the smell out.

I love how the smell is "activated" by just turning the whole air freshener. The whole room started smelling like chocolate as soon as he "opened" it up. I couldn't believe how much I like the smell and I had to eat my words. My husband gloated about how awesome they were and how he knew that they would be!

The smell lasts a really time as well and any time that it starts to not smell as much you just turn it and the smell returns. We have had these 2 air fresheners for many months now and they are still letting off an amazing smell. They are totally worth the quarter that I paid for them and the dollar they are suppose to be. I will get these again and I totally recommend them to anyone who wants an air freshener but doesn't want to go around spraying it every day. You will not be sorry that you got these I promise!

Vote For Me

I don't know about you guys but I was never popular in school, I had my little group of friends but not a huge amount. So when it came to things that I had to win by the voting I knew that it would never happen. So I never tried to win games that I had to be popular to win. Until I found Neuro. I have no idea what is so special about this one, it is probably impossible but I really would like to give it a shot and see how high I can climb! The top ten is really not that far away and the top ten all get a prize. So long story short please vote for me. Thank you for reading this and thank you so much for your vote!

Click here to vote for me!