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Monday, September 30, 2013


I have been infactuated with the idea of the SodaStream since it first came out. The idea that I could have my pop every day in a healthier way was just awesome! All I knew about it was that you used water and some sort of syrup to make up a drink. Making it my mission to get one was something I did right away. I did it so fast that I didn't even stop to ask people what they were even like. I thought the dream was slipping away until my friend decided she would trade me hers for something that she wanted. I was over the moon excited at the thought of finally getting what I wanted.

When it came time for the box to come in the mail i ripped it open asap. The machine was a lot bigger then I thought it was going to be. The syrup bottles were a lot bigger as well. It seemed that there were instructions so we started the process. Everything was going well until it made the evil sound. This sound was so loud and surprising. We live in an apartment that is over top of a business so we can't be too loud.

The sound is so horrible that now we can only use the machine when the business is closed and everyone else up here is still awake. The drinks also go flat way to quickly but everything else is just what I expected from SodaStream.  If you want a good drink without all of the sugar and can deal with the loud annoying noise then get yourself a SodaStream! Make sure you you tube to find out just how loud that noise is!

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