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Monday, September 30, 2013

Seventh Generation Mandarin facial cleansing cloths

Some people seem to think that wipes are only for babies or people who wear makeup and that guys would never be caught dead using wipes. Those people obviously have never had to be somewhere in only a few minutes after working all night long. They obviously have all the time in the world to wash their faces multiple times a day. I am not a girlie girl at all so I never knew of these wipes that can make your day go so much faster!

A few months back I got a nice package from Seventh Generation (many samples and a few full sized items for the purpose of having a party to get others interested and learning about Seventh Generation.) I knew that this brand is great for people who are all green or are trying to be more green. The products are good for the skin and do not have the harsh chemicals that other companies use.

My husband has a really dirty job and doesn't always have time to hit the shower when he comes home after working all night long. I used all of this dirt at my party by having him use one so the ladies can see how well they worked and what sort of smell they left behind. I never thought that my husband would keep using these wipes after the day I "forced" him to help at the party.

I love the container that the wipes came in as well, they really keep them wet and they don't dry out at all, unless the top was left open for a long period of time. The smell just comes out at you when you first open them and every time afterwards as well. The wipes are a very good size and eventhough they can only be used once you can use them for very big jobs throughout the day!

Whether you are using these to clean up after work, taking your make up off, or just wanting a refresher during the day these are for you! They don't make you sticky and you can really feel them working and making your skin clean. I will use these again, will buy again, and I will tell everyone how awesome these are!

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