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Monday, September 30, 2013

Secret Clinical Strength

Many people have problems with body odor and smelling not so fresh. Some think that any old deodarant will do but that is simply not the case. They all do something different and are for different things. Some for just sweat and others for stress sweat. I thought they were the same, that they would do the same job but I found out that I was dead wrong.  I was always trying to cover up the sweating and was getting nowhere. One day I found out that I needed different ones for my many different situations.

I found out that I may be doing some stress sweating and that my current deodarant may not be doing the job that I was using it for. Then I found Secret Clinical Strength. They have so many good smells and uses. As soon as I started using Secret Clinical Strength I noticed that I was a lot dryer then I usually am and a lot less smelly.  Stress was my problem and I didn't even know it. I still have to apply a few times a day but it is worth it for the results that I am getting!

I recommend this to anyone who has the same sweating problems as I do. If you can't figure out why you are sweating or don't want to smell so bad anymore but also don't want to talk to a doctor about such an embarrassing condition, then this is for you. Try it out if it doesn't work then don't try it again. But I use this and it really does work for me!

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