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Monday, September 30, 2013

Pampers Easy Ups

Anyone who has ever had to get a diaper on a toddler or child that doesn't want to sit still knows how hard that can be! They move, roll over, and sometimes even cry when it takes too long. Has anyone ever taped one of the tabs to the childs leg or had someone potty on them while they are trying to change their child? Also how hard is it to potty train a child early with diapers because there are no training pants in their size?

Pampers has a solution for all of those problems and in a size where younger kids can wear them too! Even if  you are not ready to potty train your child, these trainers will make your day so much easier! No more wriggling or rolling over and no more tabs to stick. Just stand your child up and have them step into these like they are stepping into a pair of pants. Simple and easy to get on and off no matter where you are at on their schedule.

I haven't had these leak through yet and they seem to be much more comfortable then diapers for my child. My son just loves that fact that Diego is on and now he doesn't fight when it's time to get a new one on. The hardest thing I go through now is getting him to stop pointing out Diego so I actually get them on him, since there are 4 different designs but only 2 per package. I also love how the sides just come apart and make the job seconds instead of minutes. The insides also feel softer on babies skin and I haven't had nearly as many rashes with these as I did with regular diapers.

Happier kids equal happier parents!


  1. Great review! I need those for my baby. Thanks ^_^

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