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Monday, September 30, 2013

Palmer's Tummy Butter

Kids are the most beautiful things in the world. Nothing compares to the feeling of being pregnant. Everyone caters to you and makes sure you have everything you need. There are so many different changes to your body those 9 months and even afterwards.  No one really talks about stretch marks. Stretch marks are the tell tale sign that someone was either small and got big or big and got small.  There is no easy fix to stretch marks and no real way to hide them. People have been using different creams for a long time with no results. Some people even spend close to 100 bucks with no real results to show.

I too have a problem with stretch marks and I was uncomfortable and didn't like showing my tummy to anyone even my husband! I researched and tried to find the cheapest formula that would work the best for me and get rid of all of these ugly marks all over my belly.  One of my friends introduced me to Palmer's. At first I didn't see anything that would work for me but then I see a product in a different kind of container. Its round and pretty big and across the sticker it says "for stretch marks" I thought this would be perfect so I bought it without hearing any reviews good or bad about it.

I have been using this product for years and I can tell it has been working. It says on it to use it 3 to 4 times a day so your results will probably come quicker then mine. I can not ever remember to use it and usually only use it once a day. BUT, I do have results from doing it this way and I hope they will be all gone within a few years if not months (if I can remember to put it on)

When it comes to stretch marks, anything that you can find that works needs to be used. Anything that can give you any kind of results, works! Try this out for yourself, the price seems a little high but I had the same container for a few years! There really is a lot of the formula in there so its a great deal for the price!

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