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Monday, September 30, 2013

Nexcare Acne

Everyone I know suffers from all sorts of acne. Even my 11 year old daughter is now starting to have problems with bumps popping up on her face. Acne is the one thing that celebrities and normal people alike can all share a bond about. There are many products out there that claim to help but they also take all of your money at the same time. 

When I opened up the mail the other day I found a new product from Nexcare. When I think Nexcare I think of bandaids and not much else. I just happened to have a few zits that I need taken care of so I start to look the package over. Seems pretty simple:

--Wash hands and face and then pat dry
--Pull off a pouch and place it onto the center of one zit.
--Gently press the edges with dry hands

Then either sleep or go off and do whatever you need to do for the time that you have it on your face.  If you are going to go out with these on and are going to wear make up as well make sure you put this on and then put on your makeup and go about your day. 

When I went through the list and put these on for the first time I noticed just how simple they are to use and wear. I have forgot these were on and went out about my day only to find them on my face when I get home after a long day. They do look a lot like bandaids so you can get away with it if you do wear them out of the house without make up.

I also enjoy the fact that I am not wanting to squeeze or pop the zits that are on my face when I am using these covers. You forget that you even have zits on your face when they are covered up, heck like I said earlier you can even forget that you have the covers on your face at all! They come in two different sizes in which I call a normal size and a tiny freak zit size, they are non drying so the zit won't dry out underneath the cover and it works like a sponge to absorb oils.

I have to say that any time I get a zit I use these "pads" and it really makes them go away so much faster then they would if I had just left them alone.  I do reccommend this for people who are like me. They don't enjoy zits but they don't like a big routine or they can't afford more expensive products. This works just as well and its an apply and go procedure not an ongoing every night/day routine. This product really does work for me and I hope you will try it and that it works for you too!

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