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Monday, September 30, 2013

Kiss Graduation Polishes

I am always trying to find and use new products. Loving the fact that barely anyone else in the world has seen or even used these products. Just the thrill of almost being the one to say yes or no to a certain product is amazing. Almost like being a secret shopper but with less work to get done.

When I found out that I won a Kiss product I was really excited to get them and use them. I am not much of a girlie girl but I can't stand to have plain ol ugly nails. With arthritis it is also harder for me to use nail polish so I am always looking for easier to apply and use nail polish. They have to dry quickly as well because I don't have the time to sit and wait to get my other work done.

When I opened the package and saw the nail polish I immediately loved the colors. Anything having to do with dark colors is something that will really draw me in and make me fall in love. Before reading the package I thought it was 3 different colors or colors that you can use with other nail polishes. But as I read it I found out that you have to use them all together to get the desired effect. I read on and found out exactly how to do it and waited until I had some more time to sit and put them on. That time came at my father's viewing and funeral. I made sure to sit down and have plenty of time to get this all done.

When I put on the first polish I noticed it was kind of thick and then waited until I could put on the second coat. It took a long time to get the first coat to dry and when applying the second coat it seemed that I almost didn't wait long enough and it was starting to come off. I decided to wait another few minutes until I was sure it was finally dry and painted on the second coat. At this point as I was waiting for the second coat to dry I really started looking at the pics of what was to come and I knew my nails would ever look that way. Then it was time for the black coat to go. This coat was to only go on the top 1/4 of the nail but my hand slipped on a few of the nails and it ended up being about half way on each of the nails.

By this time my hands are really hurting from all this painting and drying that is going on all the time. I worked out the hand issues so that I could paint on the glitter top coat. This one is suppose to be on the top half of the nail and almost make it look like there is shading on your nails. This one went a little past the halfway point since the coat before was painted too far down.

After 4 coats, I am finally done painting my nails but they feel so wet still and no where near dry. I look them over and I do love the effect that I made on my nails and that it was pretty simple. But anyone who has arthritis or hands that just plain hurt will not enjoy this as much as they should. The ending is pretty but the paint doesn't like to dry at all and what is usually a 5 minute or less job turned into about 20 minutes of working on my nails. Also you can only do one hand at a time so it takes double the time to get them done.

I do reccomend this to people who can't get to a salon to get their nails done, it will be a lot cheaper but it will take a whole lot longer to do them this way then it would be to get a manicure.  Your nails will look beautiful but your hands will be hurting. If you can deal with hurting hands to have some beautiful nails then this is for you!

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