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Monday, September 30, 2013


Everyone I know has to do some sort of exercise. No one is immune to getting fat and many people don't want to be fat.  There are no miracle fixes and everyone has to find out a way to get in there exercise. Some people don't like seeing a reminder of what they need to do for themselves. Those people just go about their day doing whatever they need to do to get by.  I however don't like to think about what I am doing or what I need to do for my day to get in my exercise for the day.  Knowing that I need something to do the work for me I went out looking for the easiest gadget for my needs.

When I got to the store I noticed a few different products and they were all so expensive. I looked through them all and ended up leaving without buying anything that day. When I went to our local bargain store I found a decent looking pedometer at an amazing price. It only had a few buttons and a large easy to read screen. When I looked it over I noticed it tells you how many steps you did that day, how many miles you went etc. I also enjoy that it tells me up to 7 days later so that I can write down all the info whenever I get the chance.

This thing can take a beating, it is one tough pedometer! I left it in my pockets and it went through the wash. I thought it was a goner but my husband brought it home and said he would fix it! He opened it all up and dried it out. When I put the battery in the next day it popped on like nothing had ever happened to it! Many times it has been dropped, kicked, and stepped on. It just won't die and I can't think of a better product to be so durable.

If you need a new workout gadget, check this one out. It is affordable, easy to use, and it will get you out there walking and moving more because its almost like a game to beat your steps from the day before.  I am so much more willing to get up and do walk now because I can see the results on the screen and on my body. I will use this thing until it finally does die on me and then I will get another one!

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