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Monday, September 30, 2013

H2M Beverages

Everyone knows that I am not one to enter giveaways. My friend had done a review on H2M beverages on her blog and was giving some away to one lucky reader. Usually there are many people that are trying to win and the chances of wining are slim to none. But my friend is just starting out so there was a fairly small number of people who had entered.  When it was almost time for her to do the drawing, I decided that I would go off and clean the house because there was no way I was going to win, I never win anything!  I got back to the computer and there was a message telling me to go look at the winner and right there on the page in front of me name!! I hadn't really checked out what I was trying to win so I went and checked out their website.

When I looked it up it seemed like it was water with a twist. There are vitamins and minerals hiding in one of the 2 lids and somehow it magically drops into your water as you go to drink it. We had some water that seemed to be the same concept of this at our local fair so we thought we knew what was coming and got very excited.

I won on a Wednesday and by that Friday H2M had already gotten what I won to me! It came with 5 different types of water:

Fruit Punch
Kiwi Strawberry
and Blueberry Pom

The bottles themselves tell you exactly what to do. You grab the top "top" and turn it clockwise and you watch the minerals and vitamins fall into the pure water. You could probably leave it open for a few minutes and still not get it all out of there. Who has time to wait?? This water now looks so good that you won't want to wait that long to get it into your mouth!  

If you are expecting these drinks to taste like the names they were are wrong. Most of them smelled just like apple juice and I can't even begin to tell you what they taste like. You would think they would be different since they are called different things but the tastes are all about the same. To me it was a down in because it will never be gone if I just sip it. These are not exactly what I usually drink and I can't say I would ever buy them but if I got more for free we would drink them.

If you are a health conscious person who can do without having a good taste to their water then this product is for you! The bottles are nice looking, very good size and they will last through out your whole workout.  Maybe you can try putting some sort of flavoring in with them and that might help as well. In the end I could get through them but it was not always a nice experience. I am thankful to Michelle and to H2M for letting me try out this product so I can share with others!

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