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Friday, June 7, 2013

Secret Outlast Clear Gel

I have to admit that Secret is my favorite deodorant and has been since I first started using deodorant. I like how they keep the outside appearance simple and straight to the point. When I first read the  tube I couldn't believe that it would really last 48 hours. I mean I am a very busy person and sweat  a lot sometimes and I need something that can keep up. It goes on very nicely and does last a long time. Not close to the 48 hours for me but like I said I am active. A normal person may last that  long though and I fully recommend this product to anyone who likes a  deodorant that lasts for long periods and smells nice and  really does work. I will buy more. My clothes and I love the fact that there are no more white marks gel is the future!

                                               As a special treat here is Deo Dance starring Bravo star, Jenni Pulos!

                                                              I received this deodorant complimentary from Influenster.

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