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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Biokleen Natural Fabric Refresher

I got some free products from BioKleen and 2 of the products were Natural fabric refresher which I thought would be like febreeze. There were 2 kinds the natural one and the Lavender smelling one. Being someone who enjoys the smell of Lavender I used it first. I sprayed it all over the house on furniture and on the carpet. But when I walked through the house a few minutes later I could no longer smell any lavender only the smell that the stuff was before I sprayed it. So by the time the bottle was done I felt that I had wasted the whole bottle and it never really worked at all. But when I used the natural smell I thought it was the same as well until I laid down in bed to go to sleep. I could  really smell it and I noticed it when I got up as well. Neither bottle really worked anywhere else.  I suppose that if it was going to work anywhere the bed was the perfect place for it to work. So I wouldn't recommend you  run out and buy this if you are looking for an all natural replacement to your febreeze because febreeze works a whole lot better and probably at a cheaper price then what these are. If you are wanting it for just one certain spot like your bed then get this and it will last you about a month.  Which I felt was a pretty long time for these to last because usually they are used all over and gone within a few days. I wouldn't pay for this product but I am so happy that I won them and got the pleasure to try them.

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