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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Softsoap Foaming Hand Soap

Even with the crappy picture above you can still see the basic structure of the bottle, the images, and what color the liquid is inside. I love the fact that they make these bottles so pretty and sleek. We always wash our hands in the bathroom but I love to have a soap bottle out by the kitchen sink just to make it look pretty. I haven't had one in awhile so I was happy to this in my brand challenge box. It is Softsoap Pampered Hands and the smell is called Jasmine Oasis. It is a foaming hand soap which I think are better then regular hand soaps because of all the foam/bubbles that it produces.

My oldest decided she knew what it was for and didn't read the bottle and put some into her hands and rubbed it in. She thought it was that germ stuff that you clean your hands with. I waited for a few minutes and asked her what she thought of it. The smell was good and it really made her hands soft she said. This made me interested to try it and find out how it worked when used with water like it is suppose to be.

I have to say I have never been so excited to wash my hands. Its the weirdest feeling to be so excited to try the strangest things when you are a online reviewer lol I got the water all warm and wet my hands and then squirted some in my palm. It instantly reminded me of flowers and I loved the smell right away. This is the smell I am use to when it comes to soaps. I wish companies would realize that sometimes the new and weird smells are not going to sell as well as the ones that people are use to. It didn't take much for the smell to fill the area I was in which was just perfect. From the first time I used this hand soap I was impressed. Softsoap is a brand I know well and a brand I trust for hand soap.

I do recommend this it works well, has a great smell, and it doesn't leave your hands feeling dry over used or sticky in any way. The benefits are not only for your hands though the smell can leave  a section of a room smelling lovely for a little while at least and I used it to wipe up my sink  when I was done washing my hands and it even left a shine on there! I may have to move this soap into the bathroom and find a different one to "decorate" the kitchen with.

I got this product for free from Influenster and was not and will not ever be paid for anything I am reviewing it in hopes that others liked it as well as I did and can recommend some other products to me and so that people who never tried this can find out what it is all about and maybe fall in love with a new product. It is fun to think that I may be influencing someone to reach out of the box and try some amazing things!

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