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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Softsoap Body Wash

When you hear the name Softsoap what do you think of? I think of hand soap that you wash your hands with or that sits on your kitchen sink mostly for decoration. I never would have thought about body wash. I don't know how "new" this product is but it is brand new to me. Which if I have never heard of it how many others   haven't as well I wondered. How much advertising could they have done? People who don't associate Softsoap with body wash may have a hard time shelling out money for the product. With that said on to my review.

I found out that I was a Palmolive Brand Challenge Winner through Influenster and I was super excited! For the next few days I was thinking I was going to get more dish soap because I am running low haha. I then took the time to read the email and spoke with a few of my freebie friends and found out that it was not dish soap at all but a box of a few other things.

I got the Citrus Splash and Berry Fusion Softsoap. It's an 18FL OZ bottle bigger then what I expected and I don't think they come much bigger then that. I then had my thought from the first paragraph but it made some sort of sense now though.How better to get people to try out and get their product out there then to give it to a bunch of people who try out new products and tell everyone they know and the blogging world. Which would get people to buy their product without spending a whole lot of money on advertising.

Anyway, before I will use/try/take anything I will read everything that is on the label and find out exactly what I am  dealing with, in this case it sounds pretty good. Moisture beads that leave skin feeling soft and smooth with an energizing citrus fragrance and real berry extracts. This product is suppose to leave you soft and smooth and give you energy. So with all that learned I was going into this expecting this product to do what it says it will.

It has an interesting smell but not really a good smell. It is one of those that you can't really place it and you might use it for hand soap or maybe an air freshener but for your body I'm not so sure. But I will always follow through so I went in to try it out.

The first time I tried it I needed some bubbles for my bath and wanted to see just how bubbly this stuff would get. What few bubbles it made didn't stay long and the smell didn't seem to last very long either. When  I was done and got out I expected to feel something from it but I got nothing new from my usual body wash or bubble bath. So the first test was failed all the way. The next day I got in the shower and put this product on my loofa. This time I could smell the fragrance better then before it was a little better smell then the fresh from  the bottle smell. I put some on the loofa after wetting it under the water and the amount that I put on there was enough to cover my whole body. The soap bubbles don't stay on you very well just like earlier when I used it in the bath. I got out, dried off and then went to do my usual routine. When it came time to put on lotion I felt my arms and stuff and they did seem pretty smooth so I decided not to put on lotion and see how I felt the next day. I was not smooth anymore actually I felt almost dried out. The smell goes away almost as soon as you put it on and I did not feel energized at all.

If you are going to use this product it does work but don't skimp out on your routines as well. Always use some sort of lotion maybe a scented one after you shower so there will be some sort of smell that comes from it all. I will use the rest of this bottle and if it gets better I may buy more but so far it is not impressing me like my last bottle of body wash. If nothing impresses me I won't spend the money to buy another bottle. They need to work on the product more then the packaging and the fancy words they use to express their product. I am a bit dissapointed with you on this one Palmolive. I am not willing to go from that awesome new dish soap to this so so body wash.

I received this from Influenster for free with no compensation only the hopes that I will review it and tell others what I thought of the product so that maybe they would go out and try it for themselves and have a different opinion then I did.

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