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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Loreal Paris BB Cream

As a freebie lover I have gotten little samples of everything but have never really gotten to see how well something works because there is only one application in every little cardboard home. I can understand that companies will send these things out to get the interest up for their product without sending too much of the actual product out. This is a big turn off for me because if I can't have a few applications of something to see if it really works or not I am not shelling out the money for the product.

Also as someone who doesn't wear make up all the time I want a product that can speed up the application process which I find boring. I love the after results I just hate getting there and with all the different powders and foundations out there I was putting on so many extra things taking up so much extra time and making me dislike make up even more.

I got a full sized BB cream from SheSpeaks to try out and review and I have heard some about this product but not too much. Always see the commercials and the magazine ads but they never really explain what happens or how you use the product or even really what it is for. I didn't understand until I read the applicator and even then I still was not sure so I went and did some research on the product.

After I wash my face and dry it I opened up the applicator and put some BB Cream on my finger then put dots all around my face to make sure I would have enough while also not using too much. It applies evenly and really covers up the spots that I had to use more then one make up product for before. Then I applied my regular make up and the results were so much better then usual. I looked almost natural still not like I had make up caked on my face in any way. Some how my face felt better lighter even not as heavy and I felt younger as I looked as myself in the mirror. It also washes off very easily and I didn't have make up hands as I call it.

I haven't checked on prices but I am sure as all make up is that this is an expensive product but worth it. If you think about it the price is probably equal to the prices of the other powder and foundations that you will be replacing. So the price thing will balance out and it lasts a long time because you only need a little bit to get some great coverage. I recommend everyone to try this it really worked for me. Some people won't feel the same way as I do and that's ok because it's a good thing to read the good and the bad about any product. If you are a freebier and you have a few cardboard applications of BB Cream sitting around get those babies out and try them. If you have enough of them use one every time you put on your make up in place of your regular foundation or powder. I think you will fall in love with this product as well!

I got this for free from SheSpeaks so I could try it out and review the product. I will not and haven't received any money from SheSpeaks or Loreal Paris for my views and/or opinions.

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