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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Freeman Clay Mask

Masks are usually for Halloween, they are scary and they make your face sweat and warm. Something only good for one day of the year at the most.  The Freeman mask though this mask is good to be used every single day of the year. Unlike the masks of old this is the mask of the new generation.

Some people don't like the feeling of putting something on their face that is going to get all hard where they can barely smile and I use to be one of them. I decided to try this one out after I got it for free in the mail. Right away when I got it I loved the colors and the picture on the packaging. It is a forgettable picture but that is perfect because it makes you give it a 2nd and 3rd look and it keeps it on your mind.

Last night I had an amazing night planned out for the Hubby and I very sweet and romantic. I cleaned the house up and cooked an awesome dinner. I put this mask on before I started cleaning and let it do its magic. It doesn't tell you how long to keep the stuff on your face only until it is dry and then wipe off with warm water. When I cut it open I smelled a wonderful mint smell and I loved the pretty green that it came out as. It wasn't too thick or gritty and went on very well. It did take a little bit to wash off of my hands. After it got hard and I got done cleaning I went and washed it first I thought it was going to wash off really well but I had to use a towel to get most of it off so I had a washed face and a dirty green towel. It was then that I thought I was going to hate it for sure. After my shower and daily routine (Lotions  etc) I started looking at and feeling my face and I gotta say I don't think I have felt any softer before.

Not sure how this product works but it really does work. Its not something I will throw on with my husband around but definitely something that  I will add to my beauty routine while he is at work. All and all it helped to smooth my face better then any other mask or lotion I have ever tried.

Next time you have a date or you just want  to freshen up your face pick one of these up at the store. I'm not sure on the price but it can't be too much and is worth it. Also I don't know how many times per week or month that you are to use these but I think I will use this a few times a week. My Hubby seemed to really enjoy my new softer face and I didn't tell him why it was softer. This will be one of my little secrets that all women seem to have.

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