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Friday, January 11, 2013

Kiss Nail Dress

I must start this one with a memory lol I was shy and quiet through out high school, was in choir and a big tomboy. I didn't care about make up or nails so when my best friend decided she was putting press on nails on me before we went to prom on our double date, I was annoyed but gave in to make her  happy. We got to Ruby Tuesday and by then I had already ripped off half of my nails and before I walked into prom the other half were gone as well. My friend was so mad at me but she couldn't help but laugh when she saw what I did. That was hell It feels like you are going to rip your whole fingernail off with the fake one when you pull and your skin gets caught and pinched. That was my last time trying fake nails so it has been a few years. I kept fighting with myself about whether I would ever try them again.

Then the Holiday vox box came and I saw The Kiss Nail Dress box in this big box and if it was a movie you would have heard dadada suspenseful emotions flooding back can't stop looking at the box. So I just keeping looking and wondering if I am going to do it and then I finally made y stubborn self read the box and found out exactly what they are. It's like a sticker for your nails  which is painless but wait its for my toes as well ok Yes Please! As I was looking t over I decided to look at the Kiss web site and the review site on Influenster they have amazing looking patterns and all painless pretty ways to show your nails some major attention when you can't afford to go to a salon.

The whole process went quickly and easily I messed up one time because I was being silly but other then that it was almost fun to put them on! It was a style I would not usually choose but I think they are adorable just not on me lol Bottom line You should really try these out they are fun and easy and a good alternative to people who have kids or not much time to paint theirs. It stayed on for awhile and I was really happy with how it looked and felt to have nails that were done up all pretty.

I got this product for free from Influenster in exchange for my review and opinion of said product, I am never  charged for anything and I am not paid for my opinion it's just and amazing company. If you need an invite let me know and I can send you one!!

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