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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hiding In Sunshine

I am one to enjoy a good book IF I can get into it. If after the first few pages it is not at all interesting then I won't continue on. I got to read Hiding In Sunshine but John and Caitlin Stuart and I didn't have any problem  getting into the book. It felt more like a movie to me then a book.  You know one of those Lifetime movies that you think I really shouldn't like this because it is Lifetime. Then forty minutes into you don't care anymore because it is really interesting. I love the books where you aren't sure even up to the last few chapters what is really going on and doubting yourself with the many twists and turns. Never really knowing what is going on or what could be happening.

There were a few parts in this book that I pretty much just skimmed over. I know that the newspaper articles are important  to moving the story along but they got a little boring. Also the girls were strange to me it seemed Caitlin was growing up and older then the story portrayed while the younger sister was always that just a younger sister. The time progress was just a little off  there was no way in knowing just how long had really passed that they were in the witness protection dare I say on the run.

I enjoyed this book because it was a plausible situation that could happen to the best of us. But in a mystery feel not some documentary type. It was exciting and I didn't want to put my book down until I knew what was going on. Assuming that the FBI getting involved was just a stepping stone to them figuring out exactly what was going on then I am ok with it, on the other hand I don't see the point in bringing the FBI back into the story after so long if it wasn't to boost it and try to clue you in as to what was going on in the story.

All in all I got into the book and then got busy for a few days and when I went to get back into it I was a bit bored at first but then about 4 hours later at around 6 am my Husband finally stops playing his Xbox 360 game and said its time for bed. I had like 10 pages left and I must say they were the best 10 pages in the book. I laid in bed wanting to finish this book that I got so into the past few hours but I waited until I had a clear head and was awake enough to really appreciate the ending. I have to say it was karma at it's finest. Something had to be done and nothing could have hurt Cate more then to realize that the whole time she was plotting and hating him for not loving her back, he was doing just that but she just couldn't see it.

Really makes you wonder who you can really trust in life and who you can't trust. This was a close confidant-someone he loved- and a government official which you almost always put trust in because they are suppose to be here to protect us at all costs. The government I can see doing something like this or worse. Watch who you trust in life because it may just be the wrong person.

If you want to check out this novel for yourself you can go to Amazon and check out some other reviews and even buy the book for yourself if it sounds amazing and/or interesting to you! I got this book from Influenster for free. My opinions are my own and I am not compensated in any way for them.

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