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Friday, January 11, 2013

Goody QuikStyle

I am so cheap I really am I will find something amazing and probably not even buy it because although I know it is worth the price I refuse to pay what it is worth lol This is what coupons have done to me I use coupons every single so I hate paying full price for stuff!! I have wanted a new brush for a really long time but I have been too cheap to buy one. I hadn't even went and looked through the new brushes in a long time so when I opened my Holiday VoxBox and saw this massive brush I was super excited! It was the biggest thing in the box and my favorite thing in the box as  well. 

I won't lie the size is overwhelming when you first get it out of the package I immediaely thought that it would be heavy and would make the arthritis in my hands hurt but from the second I picked it up  knew it was different and not like the other brushes and not as heavy and bulky as it first appears. It's a look like I have never seen before.

It hs these blue foam looking things that come out of it along with normal hair brush things popping out as well and it really looks like a mop or duster even. But I must say I used this as soon as I got out of the shower without using my detangler thinking it was set for failure but then it just started going through and through like no brush has ever done. I also did not towel off my hair so I also assumed I would have a shirt filled with water but those mop looking things really soak up the water and I had mnimal water on my shirt and was just from my hair  resting on the shirt. 

This one  is about $11 dollars I think so definitely  one that I would never buy for myself so I love the fact that I got to try  this one out and see just how amazing it is. I believe it is worth the money and they have this brush, a smaller brush and some other amazing things on their website Goody and hear some more reviews on this product here on Influenster. I got this for free from Influenster and this is an amazing site where they want you to shout it out loud so everyone can hear how you feel about products. Always free I never get paid nor do I pay for anything I test from them.

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