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Friday, January 11, 2013


I have tried many things for energy and some work and some don't. I was really excited to try out Eboost I thought that it would be different and really pack some energy. As I poured it into my water I got excited because it smelled really good so I was hoping that the taste would fit the smell. I love how pretty the packaging is and how easy it is to read everything about it that you need to know in big clear letters.

As I took my first sip though I was in full gag mode. I'm not sure if it was the flavor that they sent me or if it was the product itself but it was not making a very good first impression. But I needed energy and I needed to do a great review so I drank on and on until the glass was done.

While it looks pretty and pink and delicious it was far from delicious I think. I finally got through the glass and noticed a slight change in my energy level I wasn't dragging as bad as I was before but I also wasn't bouncing off the walls like I am use to with energy drinks. I would like to try   some other flavors  of this product and see if the Pink Lemonade just wasn't for me or if the whole product is just not for me. I want to say again that I did finish it all and I did feel a little something so It is not something you can't drink it is just not the flavor for me.

I recommend this for all my readers who can't handle a full on energy drink or powder this would be perfect for a little pick me up for you! Just make sure you get a flavor that you would be happy with and are ready to try get a tall glass of cold water mix it up and you are ready to go!

Check out Eboost on their twitter EBOOSTEBOOST web site, and check them out on Influenster always remember  got this item and more always for free with Influenster  to test out and review so that companies can get some real honest feedback on the products and I never get paid or have gotten paid for my honest opinion.

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