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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sole Society

I was not able to purchase any shoes with the code I got from Influenster but I got to look at and I have my eye on some that are so super cute. I am not much of a girly girl but sometimes I get the bug and I want to see some girl stuff. I go through periods where I dress differently if I see something that I really like and wouldn't normally wear.
I went on the Sole Society website to check out what they had and I couldn't find too many faults. They have an awesome web site, very easy to follow and understand directions and they have some adorable shoes. I am not one for flats and  I am already pretty tall but I have a thing for wedges. Something about me being taller then my husband is awesome to me and a goal of mine when finding girly shoes.

Suggesting that you check out the Sole Society web site from the link above is about my only way to get you to go there so please go check them out you won't be sorry and I know there is something there for everyone! Thank you Sole Society and Influenster for showing me some amazing shoes and for the chance to purchase a pair for half off. I couldn't use it then but I will defnitely buy from them in the future. Just one more luxury of being an Influenster member and getting things for free.

Hiding In Sunshine

I am one to enjoy a good book IF I can get into it. If after the first few pages it is not at all interesting then I won't continue on. I got to read Hiding In Sunshine but John and Caitlin Stuart and I didn't have any problem  getting into the book. It felt more like a movie to me then a book.  You know one of those Lifetime movies that you think I really shouldn't like this because it is Lifetime. Then forty minutes into you don't care anymore because it is really interesting. I love the books where you aren't sure even up to the last few chapters what is really going on and doubting yourself with the many twists and turns. Never really knowing what is going on or what could be happening.

There were a few parts in this book that I pretty much just skimmed over. I know that the newspaper articles are important  to moving the story along but they got a little boring. Also the girls were strange to me it seemed Caitlin was growing up and older then the story portrayed while the younger sister was always that just a younger sister. The time progress was just a little off  there was no way in knowing just how long had really passed that they were in the witness protection dare I say on the run.

I enjoyed this book because it was a plausible situation that could happen to the best of us. But in a mystery feel not some documentary type. It was exciting and I didn't want to put my book down until I knew what was going on. Assuming that the FBI getting involved was just a stepping stone to them figuring out exactly what was going on then I am ok with it, on the other hand I don't see the point in bringing the FBI back into the story after so long if it wasn't to boost it and try to clue you in as to what was going on in the story.

All in all I got into the book and then got busy for a few days and when I went to get back into it I was a bit bored at first but then about 4 hours later at around 6 am my Husband finally stops playing his Xbox 360 game and said its time for bed. I had like 10 pages left and I must say they were the best 10 pages in the book. I laid in bed wanting to finish this book that I got so into the past few hours but I waited until I had a clear head and was awake enough to really appreciate the ending. I have to say it was karma at it's finest. Something had to be done and nothing could have hurt Cate more then to realize that the whole time she was plotting and hating him for not loving her back, he was doing just that but she just couldn't see it.

Really makes you wonder who you can really trust in life and who you can't trust. This was a close confidant-someone he loved- and a government official which you almost always put trust in because they are suppose to be here to protect us at all costs. The government I can see doing something like this or worse. Watch who you trust in life because it may just be the wrong person.

If you want to check out this novel for yourself you can go to Amazon and check out some other reviews and even buy the book for yourself if it sounds amazing and/or interesting to you! I got this book from Influenster for free. My opinions are my own and I am not compensated in any way for them.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal

Breakfast is  my favorite meal of the day and I can eat breakfast for any meal and I love how something that's a breakfast food primarily it can now be used as a quick snack at any time of the day! So as soon as I heard that these  might be in the holiday voxbox I went onto their website Quaker to see what flavors  they are offering because I am really picky. The flavor I received was Apple Walnut Oatmeal and one of the top ones that I would consider eating. They also have Cherry Pistachio, Peach Almond and Summer Berry. Apple is one of my favorite fruits so anything apple I usually like the taste and the smell!

The container is what quickly caught my eye. I am use to seeing other yummy things in containers like these like cereals, soups, Mac and cheese and the very best ice cream. So from first sight you are intrigued because of the pressure this container always holds amazing things so I was ready to dive in and see what I needed to do next.

After reading the instructions a few times which I don't know why I do that because I always forget and have to look again before heating lol. Anyway I opened it up and took a big whiff and I loved how it smelled! I also enjoyed  how the container is clearly marked so you know how much water to put in. The best thing that came to mind was like all the greats that came before in this shape it can be heated and eaten out of the same container so it doesn't dirty up a bowl plus it can be recycled which is another smiley face!!

While I was gobbling this down I decided to go to the Influenster review page for this product and I am loving what I am hearing from others about this product! What I think is already out there for the world to see and it came from others mouths.

If you want an amazing snack that is good for you and doesn't  take up much space or time then this is the one for you. They have different new flavors then what you are use to and I think it was time for them to spread and change they have been the same for years now. New things bring in new crowds and this is one new thing that I  think will bring in a huge new crowd.

I got this from Influenster I am not getting paid for my opinions and they are my own and I never pay any one to be part of the program it is all free and an amazing way to try out something that you would never think to try out on your own. I have a few invites left so let me know if  you would like to join this amazing group of people!

Goody QuikStyle

I am so cheap I really am I will find something amazing and probably not even buy it because although I know it is worth the price I refuse to pay what it is worth lol This is what coupons have done to me I use coupons every single so I hate paying full price for stuff!! I have wanted a new brush for a really long time but I have been too cheap to buy one. I hadn't even went and looked through the new brushes in a long time so when I opened my Holiday VoxBox and saw this massive brush I was super excited! It was the biggest thing in the box and my favorite thing in the box as  well. 

I won't lie the size is overwhelming when you first get it out of the package I immediaely thought that it would be heavy and would make the arthritis in my hands hurt but from the second I picked it up  knew it was different and not like the other brushes and not as heavy and bulky as it first appears. It's a look like I have never seen before.

It hs these blue foam looking things that come out of it along with normal hair brush things popping out as well and it really looks like a mop or duster even. But I must say I used this as soon as I got out of the shower without using my detangler thinking it was set for failure but then it just started going through and through like no brush has ever done. I also did not towel off my hair so I also assumed I would have a shirt filled with water but those mop looking things really soak up the water and I had mnimal water on my shirt and was just from my hair  resting on the shirt. 

This one  is about $11 dollars I think so definitely  one that I would never buy for myself so I love the fact that I got to try  this one out and see just how amazing it is. I believe it is worth the money and they have this brush, a smaller brush and some other amazing things on their website Goody and hear some more reviews on this product here on Influenster. I got this for free from Influenster and this is an amazing site where they want you to shout it out loud so everyone can hear how you feel about products. Always free I never get paid nor do I pay for anything I test from them.

Kiss Nail Dress

I must start this one with a memory lol I was shy and quiet through out high school, was in choir and a big tomboy. I didn't care about make up or nails so when my best friend decided she was putting press on nails on me before we went to prom on our double date, I was annoyed but gave in to make her  happy. We got to Ruby Tuesday and by then I had already ripped off half of my nails and before I walked into prom the other half were gone as well. My friend was so mad at me but she couldn't help but laugh when she saw what I did. That was hell It feels like you are going to rip your whole fingernail off with the fake one when you pull and your skin gets caught and pinched. That was my last time trying fake nails so it has been a few years. I kept fighting with myself about whether I would ever try them again.

Then the Holiday vox box came and I saw The Kiss Nail Dress box in this big box and if it was a movie you would have heard dadada suspenseful emotions flooding back can't stop looking at the box. So I just keeping looking and wondering if I am going to do it and then I finally made y stubborn self read the box and found out exactly what they are. It's like a sticker for your nails  which is painless but wait its for my toes as well ok Yes Please! As I was looking t over I decided to look at the Kiss web site and the review site on Influenster they have amazing looking patterns and all painless pretty ways to show your nails some major attention when you can't afford to go to a salon.

The whole process went quickly and easily I messed up one time because I was being silly but other then that it was almost fun to put them on! It was a style I would not usually choose but I think they are adorable just not on me lol Bottom line You should really try these out they are fun and easy and a good alternative to people who have kids or not much time to paint theirs. It stayed on for awhile and I was really happy with how it looked and felt to have nails that were done up all pretty.

I got this product for free from Influenster in exchange for my review and opinion of said product, I am never  charged for anything and I am not paid for my opinion it's just and amazing company. If you need an invite let me know and I can send you one!!

NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine

I am always wanting to try new lip products but nude colors were never anything I thought that I would like. So when I got the NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine in my Holiday Vox Box for Influenster I was intrigued but skeptical. I didn't think that I would like it simply because there was nothing to it. As I read up on it I got even more excited! It has pure pigments that give your lips a 3-d look! They offer products that are runway ready for prices that the rest of us can afford! Many shades from preppy nude to bold hues to make a major statement! You can find this particular product for $2.49 at local drugstores.

Like I mentioned before I got the nude and was not really all that excited about it I mean I have big lips so I need them to make a BIG statement. So after reading up on it and psyching myself up about the product I took off the wrapping and decided to jump right in. The first time I put it on my lips  was in love. The 3-d does actually worked and my lips were bigger then ever and super shiny.  I did have to switch up how I was doing my make up that day because I was in gear for full on make up and this product really needs to go with a more natural style of make up so that the Lipshine can soar on its own. Believe me it can be the thing to stand out better  then any mascara, or eyeliner.

Check out NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine on the Influenster page for NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine and the NYC New York Color web site. You need to read about this product and check out what other kinds they have to offer they are amazing!

As always I got this product for free to test out from Influenster. You need to check them out as well if you need an invite let me know and I can send you one I got a few left! This program is great for finding things that you have always wanted to know more about but you were worried about the price or not liking it!!


I have tried many things for energy and some work and some don't. I was really excited to try out Eboost I thought that it would be different and really pack some energy. As I poured it into my water I got excited because it smelled really good so I was hoping that the taste would fit the smell. I love how pretty the packaging is and how easy it is to read everything about it that you need to know in big clear letters.

As I took my first sip though I was in full gag mode. I'm not sure if it was the flavor that they sent me or if it was the product itself but it was not making a very good first impression. But I needed energy and I needed to do a great review so I drank on and on until the glass was done.

While it looks pretty and pink and delicious it was far from delicious I think. I finally got through the glass and noticed a slight change in my energy level I wasn't dragging as bad as I was before but I also wasn't bouncing off the walls like I am use to with energy drinks. I would like to try   some other flavors  of this product and see if the Pink Lemonade just wasn't for me or if the whole product is just not for me. I want to say again that I did finish it all and I did feel a little something so It is not something you can't drink it is just not the flavor for me.

I recommend this for all my readers who can't handle a full on energy drink or powder this would be perfect for a little pick me up for you! Just make sure you get a flavor that you would be happy with and are ready to try get a tall glass of cold water mix it up and you are ready to go!

Check out Eboost on their twitter EBOOSTEBOOST web site, and check them out on Influenster always remember  got this item and more always for free with Influenster  to test out and review so that companies can get some real honest feedback on the products and I never get paid or have gotten paid for my honest opinion.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition Presented by Pureology

I entered into this competition because I feel that my kid's school needs to be upgraded and made green more then any other school around. They have seemingly made no changes to this school since I was there many many years ago. That is not acceptable as the times have changed and the children need to learn about and see what awesome changes can be made to improve how they learn, the environment, and the look of the school.

Go to Pureology and find out how you can sign up your school and try to win them a makeover that they so desperately need for education, bill, and green purposes. Click here to learn more about how your school can go green even if they don't win the competition! You can reduce the carbon footprint and the children will be able to learn better!

Whether it be new light bulbs, new carpet, solar panels, new recycling programs and ideas, and green cleaning products as ways to go green and stay green and help out! The direct link to the contest is here. Go and sign up it only takes a few minutes and you can't help the school if you don't try. A big thank you to @Influenster for helping me to find out about this contest! Go to Influenster and check them out and if you need an invite let me know in the comments below!

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

If you are like me you think that all lotions or hand creams are the same. They have the same affect on your skin just with different smells and textures. That was until I got into a Bzz campaign for Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. I was skeptical at first because I thought it would be just like the others that was until I read up on it and I started getting more curious.
The above picture is everything I received in my bzzkit  was very surprised about the quantity and quality of the product. The information was totally amazing in the BzzGuide it let me know everything I need to know from the ingredients to how it will help you and your skin. So I wanted to try it out right away but first I had to take a picture of my hand so  I could see what sort of improvements it would or wouldn't make for me and how long they took if it did start to work for me. I have eczema so my hands are dry and bumpy so  they don't really get pictures taken of them very often but I did it for my blog readers, facebook readers and of course for BzzAgent.

In the above pictures you can see how red and bumpy my hand is and of course it is dried out and starting to peel. I often would try different lotions and hand creams and nothing would work for me. All they did was make my itching worse and made my hands greasy and disrupted my activities for close to thirty minutes after putting it on. Not my idea of a good product or much fun.

After applying it for the first time I noticed that it actually took the dryness and peeling away. It has little to no smell and it is not the same texture as normal lotions which I liked both of those things very much. There is nothing worse then putting on a lotion or hand cream and then going to eat an hour or so later and every time you put food or drink up to your mouth all you can smell is the product that you put on earlier and that really ruins your appetite. The texture is nice because you won't find white lotion between your fingers later in the day and it won't make you greasy or keep you from doing activites for awhile after you put it on. I was doing things within minutes and my hands were not wet feeling or oily feeling at all.

This product starts working from the first time you put it on I was surprised at how well and fast it actually did work. I expected it to maybe work after a week or so but not the first day. It is continuing to work and I am loving how well my hands are looking right now. You would think it was summer with how smooth my hands look and feel. It is even helping my eczema which this is the first  time I have ever found a product that has helped with my eczema. So if you just have dry skin, want your hands to feel amazing, or you have a skin condition you definitely need to try out Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream! I am recommending it to everyone I know so you know it has to actually work and work well for me to want everyone to go out and try this out!

I received this product free from BzzAgent. BzzAgent is an amazing program where you can test out and keep products that you might not ever try and all you have to do is tell them just what you think good or bad about the product that you tried out, post a few things on Facebook and chat it up, post on twitter,blog (if you have one) and of course try it out! #ImABzzAgent #GotItFree

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Vox Box from Influenster

There is no better Christmas present then finding out that you are getting a vox box from Influenster! Influenster is this amazing program where you get to test out and keep some awesome products that you may never try or get to try out on your own! I am loving being a member of this site I started out with the Palmolive Voxbox and it was amazing! I now have a new dish soap that I buy and I would never go back to the other brands!! Now if you know anything about Influenster they have different tasks and brand tasks as well so I will tell you a brief summary about everything that I got in the box in this post and then when the challenges open up I  will have a post for each one in deeper depth so you can find out just how amazing each product really was.

NYC New York Color- A nude lip gloss, very nice size and I am actually loving the color! Find them on there facebook NYC New York Color and their twitter page @nycnewyorkcolor Check them out there products are super amazing!

Kiss Nails- Nail stickers as I call them so much easier then nail polish and quicker too! Find them on their facebook Kiss Nails and their twitter page @KissProducts Check them out and buy some for yourself and see how they work for you!

Quaker Real Medleys- Breakfast made simple and delicious! Go to their facebook Quaker and to their twitter page @Quaker and check out what they have coming out and what others have to say about their awesome products!

Goody Quikstyle-Brush of the Gods best brush you could ever try! Their facebook Goody and their twitter @GoodyHair. They have some amazing products and will enjoy them all so go and check them out!

Sole Society- Some amazing shoes and a code for everyone to try them $25 off! The code is INFLUENSTER25. Their facebook is Sole Society the twitter is @Solesociety and the website to order your new awesome pair of shoes is Sole Society. Go and check them out you won't be sorry and you are going to fall in love!

Eboost-Pre workout energy drink that really works! Check them out on their facebok Eboost and their twitter @Eboost pick you up some and get that energy you need to complete your work out!

I love all of these products and I can't wait to tell you about each one of them individually very soon! While you wait go and check out Influenster Leave me a comment or send me an email to: with the subject invite to Influenster and I can get you started on your way to getting an amazing box of your own! They are all completley free to try and keep and all you have to do is share your opinions good or bad on the products to Influenster and to the companies. It's as easy as that and you will love being a member!