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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Schick Hydro Silk

No woman likes to have hair where there is not supposed to be hair. In my experience there are razors that don't work. They either don't take the hair off, they don't get close enough to the skin so there is still hair there, or they pull you hair and/or irritate your skin, to name a few. When you are dressed to impressed or with your partner trying to get intimate you definitely don't want hair popping up and ruining the sexiness that you are trying to convey. I had a regular razor that worked and was very good to my skin but life is all about change and the next great product so I always kept my eye open for the next big thing.

While freebie scanning one day I found a link for a woman's razor that are very expense when buying out right. So the need to get it and try it out was high! I expected this thing to come in 2 to 3 weeks but it ended up taking almost 6 weeks to arrive. So going into it I had a negative thought about it and knew that it would have to be awesome to impress me at this point. At the same time though I remembered that it was a shipping fault not a razor fault.

When I opened it I immediately liked the color, shape and look of the razor. Upon further inspection I found even more things that I liked about it.It has five blades and is water activated moisturizing serums. The blades are curve sensing with skin guards. A soft touch curved handle as well. It had some awesome coupons on the back which I will be redemming very soon.

The first time I tried this razor I fell in love! It worked way better then any other razor and it kept me hydrated for about 2 hours after shaving. It cut all the hair well and evenly and did not irritate my skin at all. Its almost like a lotion that comes out of it and it feels so good on your skin. I would recommend every one try these they are the best razor I have ever used. They are pretty pricey but do come with refills but those are pricey too. I have been using the same one for a few months now it is still sharp and still works as good as day one. So even though they are pricey you can use them for way longer then other razors!

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