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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Love with Food

Times are sure tough nowadays and if you are like me you really want to help others but you just don't have the money to! I am always looking for the next great cheap or free thing that I can get my hands on so I was super happy to hear about Love With Food and even happier to hear that I could get a box for $2 when they are normally $12 a month with a special code. That code has since passed but keep your eyes open because there are always codes to be found! Love With Food is a program where you get  a box of food a month and for every box ordered they give a box to someone in need. Right now they are  giving 2 boxes for every box ordered to help out Super storm Sandy victims! I loved the idea that I could not only get this awesome box for myself but for 2 others as well. I had heard some rave reviews so I was already expecting something amazing before I even got through ordering! I recieved the December box they only ship once a month on the 10th or the 15th I believe so get them in early.

This is what I got in my box:

Mocha Mint cappuccino by Hills Brothers Cappuccino-While I am not much of a coffee/cappuccino drinker I passed this on to my husband to try out and inform me of his thoughts on it. At first he wasn't sure if he would like it because he isn't much of a mint consumer but after his first few sips he was hooked. Saying that you could taste mint but it wasn't too overpowering it was more of just a compliment to the taste..background taste if you will. This mix with water and then ice put in was something he would drink again and he said he liked it even more then the cappuccino he gets from our local gas station. Can be bought on the Love with food site for $8.00 for 10 packets

Gingerbread boy with white chocolate by Nikki's Cookies-A gingerbread boy with a back made of white chocolate. My kids got to be the lucky ones to try this one out for me. I didn't really get much out of them while they were eating it because they ate it so super fast but when they were done I saw the smiles come over their faces as they asked me if I had anymore they could eat. They said it wasn't like normal gingerbread but it was better. The white chocolate is just enough to make it look good and almost melt in their mouths with every bite. These can be bought on the site for $7.99 for 8 cookies.

Salt Water Taffy by Taffy Town- These come in a few different flavors including: Spearmint Snowmen, Chocolate Rum Wreaths, Christmas morning cinnamon roll, Egg Nog Bells and Cran-Raspberry Santas. I didn't check the flavors out before I started eating them so they were pretty different then I have ever tasted but I just wasn't sure why. Luckily, I didn't look at what they were because then I probably wouldn't have even tried them because I am super picky. These Taffy simply melt in your mouth they are not hard like other taffy where it feels like you are going to break your teeth but very easy to bite into and chew. This was the best taffy I have ever hubby even got a few bites and he enjoyed it as well! These can be bought for $6.99 for a 12 ounce bag.

Mad Mini chocolate by Madecasse Chocolate- I got 2 chocolate squares and to be honest I was not impressed by this chocolate in any way. It was bland and had little taste and what taste it did have was just not the best. I am a Hershey's and Lindt chocolate lover so it takes some amazing chocolate to reach my standard of good and this just didn't hit that mark. These can be bought for $22.85 for 40 5g chocolate squares.

Belgian Milk Chocolate dipped nutter butter by Big Chocolate Dipper- This is 2 things I love chocolate and Nutter Butters! I was hoping this would be good because let me tell you it looks so amazing I was almost drooling at the sight of it. It did not let me down either I thought I was in heaven! Never has a Nutter Butter tasted so good in my life! You can buy these $12 for 12 one ounce cookies.

Sea salt caramel popcorn by 479 Degrees Popcorn- The only caramel corn I really ever eat is Cracker Jacks which has been my favorite since I was a little girl I mean who doesn't love a sweet treat and a cool prize inside? When I saw that they were kind of a healthy alternative food I was skeptical that I would like them because most healthy food is bland or gross tasting or so I thought. until I tasted this caramel corn. If I hadn't read it was healthy I would have just thought it was normal caramel corn. I seriously could not get enough of this stuff and was sad when the bag was gone! You can order yourself some for $14.95 for 8 1 ounce bags.

Honey Cinnamon almonds by Nunes Farms- I do not like almonds but I figured I would try these just for the blog. I was not impressed to me they weren't good and you couldn't taste any cinnamon. I suppose I had hopes that the cinnamon would over power the nasty almond taste but that didn't happen. My in laws apparantly ate them and enjoyed them though. You can buy them $16.00 for 12 1.5 ounce pouches.

Candy Cane Milk Chocolate truffles by Kara Chocolates- These were honestly really good which I was surprised about but I'm not sure why I was so surprised. My only issue with them is that they say that there are candy cane chunks sprinkled on top and mine had none I even searched the packaging hoping to find a chunk or two and nothing. Besides that though it tasted really good and melted in my mouth. Not much chewing involved which I really loved as well. 

These boxes come out once a month, I have only gotten one so far and I hope to have the money to get the next one because I really love them! If you want to find out more or sign up to get your own box go to Love With Food and get something awesome for yourself and for others at the same time. The boxes are different every month I believe so there is always something new to try!

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