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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Goat Milk Stuff

As everyone knows I am not big on giveaways because I can never win them so I feel it is a waste of time. When a fellow blogger had a giveaway I decided I wanted to try just for her and I had no expectations of winning. But then one day I got a message saying that I had won! To be honest I couldn't remember what I had even won so I had to go back and look lol I had won a $25 gift card for some amazing soap and I was so excited and was really hoping that I could use the gift card on shipping as well. I went to the site and they had a whole lot of different products but at first I had no luck finding any. Everything was saying sold out or out of stock which got me thinking that this had to be some good soap or else they would be stocked up. Which means everyone had heard about them and was ordering it like mad!

I am always one for freebies so when I noticed it said 3 free samples with every order I jumped on the chance because that meant I had even more I could try out and hey who doesn't like more quantity? I submitted my order and not even 20 minutes later it said it was shipped out and on it's way. Who does that??  I am use to waiting weeks for things not days so that was a very happy surprise! When the box came I knew what it was because I could smell it right away.

I ended up deciding on half bars which are between $3.70 and $3.95 a piece so I could get as many as possible to try out. The bars I got are:

Kool Koala- Which is a white and green bar that almost has a minty smell to it.
OMH scrub- Which is brown on outside and white in the middle and has a flowery smell.
Peppermint- Also white and brown and smells just like candy :)
Rosemary- White with different sort of smell, almost minty with hint of flowery.

My 3 samples were:
Lavender- Which is a heart shape and says it is white and purple but mine is only white and as hard as I tried  I couldn't get a smell from it. I haven't used it yet so maybe that's when I will smell it.
Luv Spell-Which is pink and I can't describe the smell only that I love the way it smells. Almost perfumy or citrus or flowery I am not sure but definitely yummy smelling!
Pink Sugary- Which has a dark brown outside and a light brown inside and looks almost like a Milky Way I think.Another smell that I can't describe but oh so very good smelling.

All together it came out to $15.55 plus $6.00 shipping and $1.09 state tax so the total came to $22.64 all paid by the gift card I won! Someone put a whole bunch of work into this product and you can really tell. They don't leave a film sticky feeling on you and they wash off very easily.

Everyone needs to go and check these out hereGoat Milk Stuff I will never buy regular soap again!

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