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Friday, December 14, 2012

Covergirl Blastflipstick

Before getting in this Bzz campaign there were only 2 things I knew about Covergirl

1. It is amazing make up

2. It is very expensive

I knew that I was going to be getting some amazing make up but I didn't know how amazing it would be. Two lipsticks in one is such a good concept. The fact that you can mix and match with all the other's it is like a never ending lip orgy. Many people don't like one simple color like a bright red or a dark brown. So putting them together into the same lip stick applicator was a very young hip thing to do. I once thought of Cover girl as my mother's make up and no matter who they put on their ads I just thought they were out of date and out of touch with my generation and younger generations. After trying this though I feel like they redemmed themselves very well. Moving on to new generations while also staying true to the true blue users is an amazing accomplishment.

I recommend this product to anyone who wants something different and who loves to  take care of their lips. It is very long lasting and your lips feel so good when it is on. Almost hydrating to them never drying them out like other lip sticks. If you want to take care of your lips try this line! It is pretty expensive at 8 bucks or more a pop but totally worth the money. They also last a long time so while others are out buying more lip stick you won't have to worry about it for months and months.

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