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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy

Having thick hair can sometimes be a nightmare! It tangles really easily and sometimes shampoo and conditioner don't wash all the way out and you are left with a mess! Being a cheap person who wants to look like a million bucks but not pay high prices I usually just went with the Suave products. They aren't bottom of the barrell cheap and they aren't hair salon expensive. Just a nice place in the middle is where I liked to be. My hair just wasn't looking the way I wanted it to though so I knew something had to be done. It seems like every time I think about or going looking for a new product one of my review sites will have something I am looking for.

My very first bzz campaign was for this new shampoo and conditioner called Clear Scalp and hair! Now that  is what I call irony. Being new to bzzagent I thought I would maybe get two travel sized products and that would be it but instead I got this:

I could not believe my eyes this was just amazing! Not only could I try it but my friends could as well! So when my next shower rolled around I grabbed 2 bottles and jumped in so ready to try them out! When I opened the shampoo I loved the smell right away I don't know how to describe it besides saying it is not fruity but not bland either. I put the normal amount in my hand that I used with my usual shampoo and started lathering it up massaging it into my scalp and noticed that I didn't need as much as I use to a little goes a long way! It lathered up very nicely and rinsed out so much easier then normal shampoo and conditioners. Just feeling your hair after washing it out feels so much better then other products  even while still wet. I always let my hair air dry so I put in my detangler and brushed through and then waited.

I could not believe how soft and shiny my hair was when it dried. It really looked like I had been to a salon and had them do a wash and blow dry. I was amazed by how well this worked and wondered how bad my hair must have looked before if it looked this awesome now! I recommend this product to everyone even people I don't know at the store who are shopping for shampoo! It is a little pricey for me at $4.98 a piece but it is really worth it and the bottles last for a very long time. I would have bought 3 bottles of shampoo and 3 bottles of conditioner in the time it took me to go through 1 bottle of each of this. So it really comes out to about the same price in the end! They also have all kinds for men which my Hubby is going to try so a review of the men's will be coming soon!

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