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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bic Hybrid 4

Men's razors are the best for men and woman. They shave better then ones for women a nicer closer shave. My husband is always needing razors every day and they go dull very fast. I got a free razor from Bic from a facebook giveaway that I  found. Many freebies aren't what they look like in the picture so I wasn't sure what to expect. So when it came in the mail I was super happy with what I had gotten it is a very good freebie.

The package was so amazing it included a handle and four cartridges. As soon as we got it my Husband's eyes lit up and he was all too ready to try it out and see how it worked compared to his usual. So he was off to shave while I read the package.

-It has 4 flexible blades that adjust to your skin 
-Pivoting head
-Textured handle
-Lubricating strip with Aloe and Vitamin E

It is fully disposable and at the present time refills are not sold separtely so you would have to buy the whole pack all together every time but there is nothing wrong with getting a new handle every month. Depending on your bathroom up keep they could get tooth paste or soap on there and become sticky with hair all over it. So you could have a sticky hairy razor handle and by then you will be begging for another one lol

By the time I was done reading and did a few things  my Jay had finished shaving and brought me the razor and the cartridges (he took them before I got a chance to see them) so I could check them out. It is very easy to pop the cartridges on and off so make sure you keep it away from kids. The handle feels really nice in your hands and the black handle and the little bit of blue on the cartridges really go well together. The packaging was also very nice, the wording was clear and concise and easy to open. 

Bic offers to replace product if you are not happy with it but I am pretty sure my husband wouldn't give this thing up for anything in the world. We both reccomend this product me because it makes him so happy and very smooth! Him because as he puts it "It is the best razor I have ever used." I haven't checked these out in stores so I don't know the price but they are definitely worth whatever is being charged!

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