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Sunday, December 23, 2012


I love cereal but milk doesn't like me. So I am always looking for some that I can snack on without having the side effects of milk. I talk about Bzzagent quite a bit and that is because they are the best at what they do. The kids usually pick out some sort of sugary cereal out which I don't have a problem with as long as it isn't some outrageous price. We like to try new things in this house so when Bzzagent put out a new campaign and I was invited I jumped right on it. The campaign was for Alpha-Bits a cereal we had never tried before and didn't know much about. When I saw it was Multigrain I immediately thought it would be like cheerios or something healthy like that. So the kids were already planning on putting sugar in it.  I couldn't find anyone who had tried them either so at this point it was a wait and see mission.

When the box came in the mail (much faster then usual which was a nice surprise) It came with a 11.5 oz full size box of cereal, Bzzguide and 7 Save $1.00 coupons. It is a very nice box very appealing to kids and nice on the eyes. It even comes with a label for education for people who collect them for schools. Labels for Education is a program just like Box Tops. We couldn't wait to tear the box open and scoop some out of there and into our mouths.

They are nice sized pieces but not too big so toddlers can snack on these just like they do with Cheerios and should have no choking issues at all and easy for their little hands to grab. From my first taste I was hooked, my expectations of them being bland were gone. They are sweet with so much flavor. You really don't need any sugar for these to be delicious. It was a hit for me but there was still one more test and that was the picky kids sitting around me. They wanted it with sugar and I had them try it without because I knew they would love it plain. I filled the bowls and they loved that not only was this food but they could also write words with it. This is what my youngest decided to spell out box, she is still learning so I was impressed by this.

Once the milk went in they dug in and we had nothing but smiles, even my older kids who really wanted that sugar agreed that the sugar wasn't needed. My son who puts bananas in all his cereal forgot about the bananas because he was enjoying it so much. This is now their go to cereal and they would eat it every morning if they could. This is also now my go to snack when I am hungry between meals or while I am out running errands I pull out my little baggie of  Alpha-Bits and enjoy.

I recommend this for everyone even though it is geared at kids we can all enjoy! Even the pickiest eaters will have something good to say about this. Not too many foods can get them to eat healthy and teach them to spell all in one bowl! Mom's and dad's try this too you might be surprised on how good it is.I passed put my coupons and my friends are enjoying this cereal as well. I have and will be buying more of this for sure!

I got this product for free from Bzzagent. #ImABzzAgent #GotItFree If your aren't a Bzzagent you need to be!

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