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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Advil Congestion

Just like everyone else I get colds and I hate it so much. Especially when you take so many different products and it seems like nothing will work! So when I got into a Smiley 360 mission for cold/congestion I didn't have very high hopes that it would do anything for me. I got the Smiley box in the mail and it came with    a box of Advil congestion and a nice pack of coupons for me to pass out to friends/family/coworkers etc.

I waited until I got a cold and then decided it was time to try these out and find out if this product works or not. For me it worked very well when I was at the beginning and the end of the sickness but not so much when I was at my sickest. It still worked very well but not as well but not fully at my sickest.

This had to be the best product I have ever tried for congestion though seeing as nothing else ever actually worked for me in anyway. I was so surprised at how well I could breathe after wards. It also worked very quickly after taking it. The pill didn't taste badly but I did have to eat a little something before taking it or my stomach got upset.

I do recommend this product and everyone is different so for some it may not work at all and others it could fix them all the way through their sickness. I checked these out in stores and the price was not bad! I will definitely be buying more and stock up for my next cold so I will be ready to fight it.

I got this product for free from Smiley 360 if you aren't a Smiley 360 member you need to be go check it out   and sign up to get your own free products to test and keep!

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