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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Love with Food

Times are sure tough nowadays and if you are like me you really want to help others but you just don't have the money to! I am always looking for the next great cheap or free thing that I can get my hands on so I was super happy to hear about Love With Food and even happier to hear that I could get a box for $2 when they are normally $12 a month with a special code. That code has since passed but keep your eyes open because there are always codes to be found! Love With Food is a program where you get  a box of food a month and for every box ordered they give a box to someone in need. Right now they are  giving 2 boxes for every box ordered to help out Super storm Sandy victims! I loved the idea that I could not only get this awesome box for myself but for 2 others as well. I had heard some rave reviews so I was already expecting something amazing before I even got through ordering! I recieved the December box they only ship once a month on the 10th or the 15th I believe so get them in early.

This is what I got in my box:

Mocha Mint cappuccino by Hills Brothers Cappuccino-While I am not much of a coffee/cappuccino drinker I passed this on to my husband to try out and inform me of his thoughts on it. At first he wasn't sure if he would like it because he isn't much of a mint consumer but after his first few sips he was hooked. Saying that you could taste mint but it wasn't too overpowering it was more of just a compliment to the taste..background taste if you will. This mix with water and then ice put in was something he would drink again and he said he liked it even more then the cappuccino he gets from our local gas station. Can be bought on the Love with food site for $8.00 for 10 packets

Gingerbread boy with white chocolate by Nikki's Cookies-A gingerbread boy with a back made of white chocolate. My kids got to be the lucky ones to try this one out for me. I didn't really get much out of them while they were eating it because they ate it so super fast but when they were done I saw the smiles come over their faces as they asked me if I had anymore they could eat. They said it wasn't like normal gingerbread but it was better. The white chocolate is just enough to make it look good and almost melt in their mouths with every bite. These can be bought on the site for $7.99 for 8 cookies.

Salt Water Taffy by Taffy Town- These come in a few different flavors including: Spearmint Snowmen, Chocolate Rum Wreaths, Christmas morning cinnamon roll, Egg Nog Bells and Cran-Raspberry Santas. I didn't check the flavors out before I started eating them so they were pretty different then I have ever tasted but I just wasn't sure why. Luckily, I didn't look at what they were because then I probably wouldn't have even tried them because I am super picky. These Taffy simply melt in your mouth they are not hard like other taffy where it feels like you are going to break your teeth but very easy to bite into and chew. This was the best taffy I have ever hubby even got a few bites and he enjoyed it as well! These can be bought for $6.99 for a 12 ounce bag.

Mad Mini chocolate by Madecasse Chocolate- I got 2 chocolate squares and to be honest I was not impressed by this chocolate in any way. It was bland and had little taste and what taste it did have was just not the best. I am a Hershey's and Lindt chocolate lover so it takes some amazing chocolate to reach my standard of good and this just didn't hit that mark. These can be bought for $22.85 for 40 5g chocolate squares.

Belgian Milk Chocolate dipped nutter butter by Big Chocolate Dipper- This is 2 things I love chocolate and Nutter Butters! I was hoping this would be good because let me tell you it looks so amazing I was almost drooling at the sight of it. It did not let me down either I thought I was in heaven! Never has a Nutter Butter tasted so good in my life! You can buy these $12 for 12 one ounce cookies.

Sea salt caramel popcorn by 479 Degrees Popcorn- The only caramel corn I really ever eat is Cracker Jacks which has been my favorite since I was a little girl I mean who doesn't love a sweet treat and a cool prize inside? When I saw that they were kind of a healthy alternative food I was skeptical that I would like them because most healthy food is bland or gross tasting or so I thought. until I tasted this caramel corn. If I hadn't read it was healthy I would have just thought it was normal caramel corn. I seriously could not get enough of this stuff and was sad when the bag was gone! You can order yourself some for $14.95 for 8 1 ounce bags.

Honey Cinnamon almonds by Nunes Farms- I do not like almonds but I figured I would try these just for the blog. I was not impressed to me they weren't good and you couldn't taste any cinnamon. I suppose I had hopes that the cinnamon would over power the nasty almond taste but that didn't happen. My in laws apparantly ate them and enjoyed them though. You can buy them $16.00 for 12 1.5 ounce pouches.

Candy Cane Milk Chocolate truffles by Kara Chocolates- These were honestly really good which I was surprised about but I'm not sure why I was so surprised. My only issue with them is that they say that there are candy cane chunks sprinkled on top and mine had none I even searched the packaging hoping to find a chunk or two and nothing. Besides that though it tasted really good and melted in my mouth. Not much chewing involved which I really loved as well. 

These boxes come out once a month, I have only gotten one so far and I hope to have the money to get the next one because I really love them! If you want to find out more or sign up to get your own box go to Love With Food and get something awesome for yourself and for others at the same time. The boxes are different every month I believe so there is always something new to try!

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Goat Milk Stuff

As everyone knows I am not big on giveaways because I can never win them so I feel it is a waste of time. When a fellow blogger had a giveaway I decided I wanted to try just for her and I had no expectations of winning. But then one day I got a message saying that I had won! To be honest I couldn't remember what I had even won so I had to go back and look lol I had won a $25 gift card for some amazing soap and I was so excited and was really hoping that I could use the gift card on shipping as well. I went to the site and they had a whole lot of different products but at first I had no luck finding any. Everything was saying sold out or out of stock which got me thinking that this had to be some good soap or else they would be stocked up. Which means everyone had heard about them and was ordering it like mad!

I am always one for freebies so when I noticed it said 3 free samples with every order I jumped on the chance because that meant I had even more I could try out and hey who doesn't like more quantity? I submitted my order and not even 20 minutes later it said it was shipped out and on it's way. Who does that??  I am use to waiting weeks for things not days so that was a very happy surprise! When the box came I knew what it was because I could smell it right away.

I ended up deciding on half bars which are between $3.70 and $3.95 a piece so I could get as many as possible to try out. The bars I got are:

Kool Koala- Which is a white and green bar that almost has a minty smell to it.
OMH scrub- Which is brown on outside and white in the middle and has a flowery smell.
Peppermint- Also white and brown and smells just like candy :)
Rosemary- White with different sort of smell, almost minty with hint of flowery.

My 3 samples were:
Lavender- Which is a heart shape and says it is white and purple but mine is only white and as hard as I tried  I couldn't get a smell from it. I haven't used it yet so maybe that's when I will smell it.
Luv Spell-Which is pink and I can't describe the smell only that I love the way it smells. Almost perfumy or citrus or flowery I am not sure but definitely yummy smelling!
Pink Sugary- Which has a dark brown outside and a light brown inside and looks almost like a Milky Way I think.Another smell that I can't describe but oh so very good smelling.

All together it came out to $15.55 plus $6.00 shipping and $1.09 state tax so the total came to $22.64 all paid by the gift card I won! Someone put a whole bunch of work into this product and you can really tell. They don't leave a film sticky feeling on you and they wash off very easily.

Everyone needs to go and check these out hereGoat Milk Stuff I will never buy regular soap again!


I love cereal but milk doesn't like me. So I am always looking for some that I can snack on without having the side effects of milk. I talk about Bzzagent quite a bit and that is because they are the best at what they do. The kids usually pick out some sort of sugary cereal out which I don't have a problem with as long as it isn't some outrageous price. We like to try new things in this house so when Bzzagent put out a new campaign and I was invited I jumped right on it. The campaign was for Alpha-Bits a cereal we had never tried before and didn't know much about. When I saw it was Multigrain I immediately thought it would be like cheerios or something healthy like that. So the kids were already planning on putting sugar in it.  I couldn't find anyone who had tried them either so at this point it was a wait and see mission.

When the box came in the mail (much faster then usual which was a nice surprise) It came with a 11.5 oz full size box of cereal, Bzzguide and 7 Save $1.00 coupons. It is a very nice box very appealing to kids and nice on the eyes. It even comes with a label for education for people who collect them for schools. Labels for Education is a program just like Box Tops. We couldn't wait to tear the box open and scoop some out of there and into our mouths.

They are nice sized pieces but not too big so toddlers can snack on these just like they do with Cheerios and should have no choking issues at all and easy for their little hands to grab. From my first taste I was hooked, my expectations of them being bland were gone. They are sweet with so much flavor. You really don't need any sugar for these to be delicious. It was a hit for me but there was still one more test and that was the picky kids sitting around me. They wanted it with sugar and I had them try it without because I knew they would love it plain. I filled the bowls and they loved that not only was this food but they could also write words with it. This is what my youngest decided to spell out box, she is still learning so I was impressed by this.

Once the milk went in they dug in and we had nothing but smiles, even my older kids who really wanted that sugar agreed that the sugar wasn't needed. My son who puts bananas in all his cereal forgot about the bananas because he was enjoying it so much. This is now their go to cereal and they would eat it every morning if they could. This is also now my go to snack when I am hungry between meals or while I am out running errands I pull out my little baggie of  Alpha-Bits and enjoy.

I recommend this for everyone even though it is geared at kids we can all enjoy! Even the pickiest eaters will have something good to say about this. Not too many foods can get them to eat healthy and teach them to spell all in one bowl! Mom's and dad's try this too you might be surprised on how good it is.I passed put my coupons and my friends are enjoying this cereal as well. I have and will be buying more of this for sure!

I got this product for free from Bzzagent. #ImABzzAgent #GotItFree If your aren't a Bzzagent you need to be!


As a Bzz agent I get to try out many things that I wouldn't normally buy. I think it is safe to say that we all have nose problems sometimes so when I got offered to try Afrin I was ready for it. I was a bit worried though as I know some people who have gotten addicted. While I was waiting for it to come I did some research and found out many people have been. It is highly addicting if not used per the instructions. So I wanted to make sure that when I got it I followed it to the T!

It was a nice sized bottle and it came with coupons for me to hand out to people I know that were interested in trying it out. I had never actually seen a bottle of it so I was anxious to open it up and see what it looked like.

The first time I tried it I felt weird because I am not use to sticking things up my nose and didn't know how it would feel. Some people say it burns but it didn't burn for me which made me happy. It worked right away which was shocking but nice but it made my nose drip like a leaky faucet. I don't know which was worse the before or the after. If used correctly you are fine I don't feel the need to keep using it like someone would if they were addicted. If used for longer then the time allowed it will continue your need for it its a viscious cycle that I was not willing to enter. I haven't used it more then 2 times but both times it worked but the nose running is just too much for. The positives didn't out weigh the negatives.

As far as purchasing this product, that will probably not happen. Everyone is different though so sure I will recommend Afrin as long as everyone knows the risks and what could happen if it is abused. So try it out if you wish maybe it won't turn you into a leaky faucet like it did me. #ImABzzAgent #GotItFree

Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy

Having thick hair can sometimes be a nightmare! It tangles really easily and sometimes shampoo and conditioner don't wash all the way out and you are left with a mess! Being a cheap person who wants to look like a million bucks but not pay high prices I usually just went with the Suave products. They aren't bottom of the barrell cheap and they aren't hair salon expensive. Just a nice place in the middle is where I liked to be. My hair just wasn't looking the way I wanted it to though so I knew something had to be done. It seems like every time I think about or going looking for a new product one of my review sites will have something I am looking for.

My very first bzz campaign was for this new shampoo and conditioner called Clear Scalp and hair! Now that  is what I call irony. Being new to bzzagent I thought I would maybe get two travel sized products and that would be it but instead I got this:

I could not believe my eyes this was just amazing! Not only could I try it but my friends could as well! So when my next shower rolled around I grabbed 2 bottles and jumped in so ready to try them out! When I opened the shampoo I loved the smell right away I don't know how to describe it besides saying it is not fruity but not bland either. I put the normal amount in my hand that I used with my usual shampoo and started lathering it up massaging it into my scalp and noticed that I didn't need as much as I use to a little goes a long way! It lathered up very nicely and rinsed out so much easier then normal shampoo and conditioners. Just feeling your hair after washing it out feels so much better then other products  even while still wet. I always let my hair air dry so I put in my detangler and brushed through and then waited.

I could not believe how soft and shiny my hair was when it dried. It really looked like I had been to a salon and had them do a wash and blow dry. I was amazed by how well this worked and wondered how bad my hair must have looked before if it looked this awesome now! I recommend this product to everyone even people I don't know at the store who are shopping for shampoo! It is a little pricey for me at $4.98 a piece but it is really worth it and the bottles last for a very long time. I would have bought 3 bottles of shampoo and 3 bottles of conditioner in the time it took me to go through 1 bottle of each of this. So it really comes out to about the same price in the end! They also have all kinds for men which my Hubby is going to try so a review of the men's will be coming soon!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bic Hybrid 4

Men's razors are the best for men and woman. They shave better then ones for women a nicer closer shave. My husband is always needing razors every day and they go dull very fast. I got a free razor from Bic from a facebook giveaway that I  found. Many freebies aren't what they look like in the picture so I wasn't sure what to expect. So when it came in the mail I was super happy with what I had gotten it is a very good freebie.

The package was so amazing it included a handle and four cartridges. As soon as we got it my Husband's eyes lit up and he was all too ready to try it out and see how it worked compared to his usual. So he was off to shave while I read the package.

-It has 4 flexible blades that adjust to your skin 
-Pivoting head
-Textured handle
-Lubricating strip with Aloe and Vitamin E

It is fully disposable and at the present time refills are not sold separtely so you would have to buy the whole pack all together every time but there is nothing wrong with getting a new handle every month. Depending on your bathroom up keep they could get tooth paste or soap on there and become sticky with hair all over it. So you could have a sticky hairy razor handle and by then you will be begging for another one lol

By the time I was done reading and did a few things  my Jay had finished shaving and brought me the razor and the cartridges (he took them before I got a chance to see them) so I could check them out. It is very easy to pop the cartridges on and off so make sure you keep it away from kids. The handle feels really nice in your hands and the black handle and the little bit of blue on the cartridges really go well together. The packaging was also very nice, the wording was clear and concise and easy to open. 

Bic offers to replace product if you are not happy with it but I am pretty sure my husband wouldn't give this thing up for anything in the world. We both reccomend this product me because it makes him so happy and very smooth! Him because as he puts it "It is the best razor I have ever used." I haven't checked these out in stores so I don't know the price but they are definitely worth whatever is being charged!

Schick Hydro Silk

No woman likes to have hair where there is not supposed to be hair. In my experience there are razors that don't work. They either don't take the hair off, they don't get close enough to the skin so there is still hair there, or they pull you hair and/or irritate your skin, to name a few. When you are dressed to impressed or with your partner trying to get intimate you definitely don't want hair popping up and ruining the sexiness that you are trying to convey. I had a regular razor that worked and was very good to my skin but life is all about change and the next great product so I always kept my eye open for the next big thing.

While freebie scanning one day I found a link for a woman's razor that are very expense when buying out right. So the need to get it and try it out was high! I expected this thing to come in 2 to 3 weeks but it ended up taking almost 6 weeks to arrive. So going into it I had a negative thought about it and knew that it would have to be awesome to impress me at this point. At the same time though I remembered that it was a shipping fault not a razor fault.

When I opened it I immediately liked the color, shape and look of the razor. Upon further inspection I found even more things that I liked about it.It has five blades and is water activated moisturizing serums. The blades are curve sensing with skin guards. A soft touch curved handle as well. It had some awesome coupons on the back which I will be redemming very soon.

The first time I tried this razor I fell in love! It worked way better then any other razor and it kept me hydrated for about 2 hours after shaving. It cut all the hair well and evenly and did not irritate my skin at all. Its almost like a lotion that comes out of it and it feels so good on your skin. I would recommend every one try these they are the best razor I have ever used. They are pretty pricey but do come with refills but those are pricey too. I have been using the same one for a few months now it is still sharp and still works as good as day one. So even though they are pricey you can use them for way longer then other razors!

Infants Advil

Nothing is worse then when babies or children are sick. They cry, are crabby, and have so much trouble sleeping. My nerves start acting up and that only works up the child. Like any good parent I had to find something that worked and was safe for them to take that would not hurt them in anyway. I usually go with Tylenol but a few times it failed to work so I decided to shop around and try and find some other brand that would always work when I needed it to the most.

There are a few options out there and I had seen Infants Advil in the store but I hadn't tried it out because I hadn't heard anything about it from my other mom friends. I couldn't find any of them that had tried it so I always picked something else and walked away.

So when I saw this up for testing on the Smiley 360 site I knew that I had to give it a try! If I got in great if not I was just going to read what the other reviewers had to say about it. Imagine my delight when I did get in and knew I was finally going to get to try the product that I had so many questions about.

When the box arrived it came with a pamphlet, a box of Infant's Advil, coupons, and a magnet. When it was time to use it I used it right away because I had read the box and instructions and knew exactly how much of a dose to give. The crying only lasted for maybe half an hour after the initial dose and then all I heard was quiet. It didn't seem to taste bad to the baby and it really did work very well and fast to get the fever down. The "syringe" looking thing was a good way to administer the dose but many times I put it into a special medicine pacifier. Since the sucking helps to put her to sleep the two together worked wonders. I also liked the fact that when she awoke she didn't seem groggy or out of it like with some of the others.

A happy baby equals a happy mommy and I am very happy! I would definitely recommend this to other moms. Just because you have never used something does not mean that it is bad for your child or that it won't work. Remember always check with others and the internet for reviews to make sure it is something that you want to try and that you will feel safe to give to your baby or children.

I got this product for free from Smiley 360 if you want to test new things you need to check out this site!

Bayer Advanced Extra Strength

Does anyone else have an excess of headaches like I do? They get so bad that I have to sleep can't walk or move because I feel like my head is going to explode! It is so uncomfortable and I have been looking for a solution for years. Products worked a little or not at all but nothing helped me completely so I started getting discouraged. One day while surfing for some freebies to sign up for I found a link for a bottle of a new Bayer product.

A few weeks after signing up I got the box of Bayer and a coupon to possibly buy more. I was hopeful that this new product would assist me in my headache terror.

When I opened up the bottle of Bayer I noticed right away a horrible smell. These pills smell so badly that it almost turned my stomach. But I knew if it would help I would and could get through the smell. I took 2 pills with a full glass of water and had a slight stomach churning so I ate a little food and it helped that. I waited and waited for something to happen and for the first hour or so nothing did. Then about an hour and half to 2 hours after I took the pill I found that I had forgotten all about my headache. It was still there with a slight little ache but I could get up and move around and be functional.

I do recommend this product while it didn't take it away completely it took it away enough for me to forget that I even had a head ache and to me that means it worked where others faulted. I will take a slight headache over something that puts me down for the count. Just don't take a big whiff of them because that is almost enough to knock you out!

Thank you Bayer for offering this free sample I will definitely be using the coupon to get more just please do something about the smell of the pills please!

Advil Congestion

Just like everyone else I get colds and I hate it so much. Especially when you take so many different products and it seems like nothing will work! So when I got into a Smiley 360 mission for cold/congestion I didn't have very high hopes that it would do anything for me. I got the Smiley box in the mail and it came with    a box of Advil congestion and a nice pack of coupons for me to pass out to friends/family/coworkers etc.

I waited until I got a cold and then decided it was time to try these out and find out if this product works or not. For me it worked very well when I was at the beginning and the end of the sickness but not so much when I was at my sickest. It still worked very well but not as well but not fully at my sickest.

This had to be the best product I have ever tried for congestion though seeing as nothing else ever actually worked for me in anyway. I was so surprised at how well I could breathe after wards. It also worked very quickly after taking it. The pill didn't taste badly but I did have to eat a little something before taking it or my stomach got upset.

I do recommend this product and everyone is different so for some it may not work at all and others it could fix them all the way through their sickness. I checked these out in stores and the price was not bad! I will definitely be buying more and stock up for my next cold so I will be ready to fight it.

I got this product for free from Smiley 360 if you aren't a Smiley 360 member you need to be go check it out   and sign up to get your own free products to test and keep!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Covergirl Blastflipstick

Before getting in this Bzz campaign there were only 2 things I knew about Covergirl

1. It is amazing make up

2. It is very expensive

I knew that I was going to be getting some amazing make up but I didn't know how amazing it would be. Two lipsticks in one is such a good concept. The fact that you can mix and match with all the other's it is like a never ending lip orgy. Many people don't like one simple color like a bright red or a dark brown. So putting them together into the same lip stick applicator was a very young hip thing to do. I once thought of Cover girl as my mother's make up and no matter who they put on their ads I just thought they were out of date and out of touch with my generation and younger generations. After trying this though I feel like they redemmed themselves very well. Moving on to new generations while also staying true to the true blue users is an amazing accomplishment.

I recommend this product to anyone who wants something different and who loves to  take care of their lips. It is very long lasting and your lips feel so good when it is on. Almost hydrating to them never drying them out like other lip sticks. If you want to take care of your lips try this line! It is pretty expensive at 8 bucks or more a pop but totally worth the money. They also last a long time so while others are out buying more lip stick you won't have to worry about it for months and months.

#ImABzzAgent #GotItFree Always free on BzzAgent If you aren't a BzzAgent you need to try it out today.

Monday, December 10, 2012


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Friday, December 7, 2012

Infants' Advil® & Children's Advil®

Infants' Advil® & Children's Advil®: Thx #ChildrensAdvil for my free sample. Like on FB for $1.50 coupon *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Worldreader: Vote for #worldreader to win the American Giving Awards 2012 *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.