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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I was selected to recieve a free sample box of Softcups through Mom's meet to try out myself and give feedback. I was unsure what I would think of this product because its not like anything I have used before. Also I didn't  know if it would work with a heavy flow. Basically soft cup is a product that almost looks like a diaphragm and you stick it up in your vagina and use two fingers to get it into place. That is all you have to do. I put on a pad or panty liner as well because there is a little bit of leakage but not much. They last 12 hours for each one and no chance of toxic shock syndrome like some other products like tampons. If you aren't use to tampons it could be a little weird the first few times. Unlike tampons you can have sex with these in although it is a little weird I couldn't feel anything different but my husband was not digging it at all.

After I filled out my survey they asked me if I wanted to try these out with my mom's group. I was heistant at first because even though we afre women this is not something we usually talk about but after thinking about it I applied and got accepted. I can not wait to have my mom's party and hand out the samples and find out what the other ladies in my group think about them and if they would buy the product or not.

I have recieved other things from Mom's meet and its all totally free all you have to do is sign up to become a  Mom's meet ambassador at the link above and wait for an email with a testing oppurtunity. Click the link and fill out all the info honsetly and quickly (they do fill up fast sometimes) and then wait for a follow up emal saying if they picked you or not. If you get pcked just wait for the product to come, try it out and have your party and get feedback from all the mom's. You will use this info to fill out a survey so that the brands, mom's meet, and other potential buyers can find out everything they need to know to decide if this product is right for them or not. The best part is it is all totally free and never hurts to try.

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