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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kettle Brand Potato Chips

I try to sign up for every giveaway and contest I can find because you can never win if you don't try. I don't win very often but when I  do it's usually for some amazing stuff! The  best contests to win are contests that you don't even remember entering. This contest was one that I did not remember entering until I got the email saying that I won. It was for their "birthday"  I am not a big fan of kettle chips in general from any company because they taste like they are stale and just old. I did try a few of each bag and that was enough for me! My husband on the other hand loved the heck out of these. He ate a bag a day at work and I am currently looking to find some more for him. They gave nice sized bags and some amazing flavors as well. I was very happy with these chips, this brand, and how happy and full they made my husband.  I would totally recommend these to anyone wanting to try a new kind of flavor and chip.

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