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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Kashi is a "health crazy" company as I call them. I am not really into healthy food I would rather have "real" food as I call it and not rabbit food. So when I got the invite to try out kashi on Mom's Meet I thought I would give some health food a try I mean after all it couldn't kill me. I expected to get maybe 10 to 15 of the "brownie" bars. This was one of my first testing experiences on the site so I wasn't sure what to expect really. But when this huge box arrived from them I was not sure what to think and when I opened it I really gasped at what I recieved. Going from thinking  I was going to get a few products to what I saw when I opened the box I was floored.

I was only told I was getting "brownies' to try out with my when I opened the box I was so very happy. They gave me 10-5 count boxes of the "brownies" a 5 count box of banana and chocolate chip bars, 2 different kinds of Kashi cereal and a neat little bag which I use for groceries and other things so that my house doesn't get cluttered up with plastic bags and paper bags. This was an amazing gift from Kashi and Mom's Meet that I won't soon forget.

When I had my party it was the first time that I tried the "brownies." I can honestly say that none of the mom's or dad's enjoyed this product at all. It tastes weird and is really dry. When we looked at the ingredients we saw that one of ones on the list was sweet potatoes. Not sure how anyone else felt about it but I don't think that a product that is suppose to be a brownie should have sweet potatoes in it..maybe it's just me. With that said the kids at the party absolutely loved the brownies. They couldn't get enough of them so I sent boxes and boxes home with the parent's who wanted them.

In the end I wouldn't recommend parent's eat them but if you want a good healthy product for your kids and you can find these at a decent price you should get them. They are something that kids like and  they are healthy as well so you don't have to worry about sugars and other bad things. Its a win win I guess, you won't eat their snack and they will definitely get some vitamins and veggies in a safe healthy way.

This program is totally free and easy to get into and figure out! Try it out you won't be sorry I promise.

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