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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Green Mountain #Imabzzagent #GotItFree

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As a bzzagent I sometimes get to try out products for free and leave my reviews for said products. I want to start out by saying I used to love bzzagent at first I wasa getting on so many campaigns and having the best time but lately it has went downhill and campaigns are getting to be few and far between. I still continue to try and hope that I won't just give up on my perfect 10 bzzscore and move on to another site.

Anyway about green mountain. When I recieved the invite I was not going to saay no for the reasons I stated above even though I don't usually like coffee all that well. I tried to have an open mind but was sure I would not like it. Boy was I wrong. The room filled up with this amazing aroma like none I have ever smelled. I thought ok it smells good but it is going to taste like beans or something worse so I still had my doubts.  I tried it warm first and was not impressed it had that beany flavor to it and I was about to give up when I decided I wanted to try it on ice that maybe that would taste a wee bit better. It was amazing like night and day for me. It tasted so much better on ice then warmed up which made me super happy.

Ordinairily I would only have one cup/glass full and be done but I couldn't stop drinking it. By noon I was bouncing off the walls with eneregy it was so much fun! I will never go back to regular coffee ever again. For people like me who don't like the taste of regular coffee this is for you. Try it and I guarantee the flavor might be the only thing that you complain about.  Everyone is different and have their own tastes but I must say I love the Wild Mountain Blueberry it is like heaven in a glass and leaves you wanting more!

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