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Friday, November 30, 2012

Dino Lingo

Just when I think they can't do anything better to help kids and babies learn I am proven wrong. I logged onto Influenster and found out about some amazing video's. Dino Lingo is such a cute program. My kids and I all loved watching it and enjoying the videos. They come in all different languages so everyone can enjoy watching and learning! Check out the English version here. You can also check more out in English here. If you need another language you can check this page here. We all want the best for our kids and this is one free way to get their minds and imaginations growing and learning beyond anything else you could ever imagine. This would be one way I would help develop my kids' minds and probably one of the only reasons they would be on the computer. It's not all the videos though you still need to interact with them while they are watching the videos to further imbed it into their brains. The more they see, hear, and get from you the faster they will be on the path of being amazing!. Computers are awesome but never forget our future and that is our children so let's make sure we frame their minds correctly right now!

Influenster is a free program where people come together and speak their mind about products that they were given the oppurtunity to try for free.

All videos belong to Dino  Lingo as does the name Dino Lingo.

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