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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Palmolive Fresh Infusions

I got my first ever voxbox and I can't be happier! I love the element of surprise it only makes it even better to  open up the box and see what is in it. I opened my box and found 3 full size bottles of Palmolive's new dish soaps called Fresh Infusions. Which include Lemon Thyme, Lime Basil and Ginger White tea. By smell alone my favorite has to be the Ginger White Tea. It doesn't smell like dish soap at all, smells more like candy which makes me want to use it more. Quality wise they all work very well I tried them all out before handing 2 off to some friends. They all seem to work the same so the smell has to be the deciding factor on this one and so the award goes to the Ginger White Tea. Palmolive has really outdone themselves with these new dish soaps. I thought that all dish soaps would be the same and usually just get the cheap store brand at the dollar store, but after trying these out I am going to use the coupons that came with my voxbox and buy some more of these I will never go back to the cheap store brand ever again. I urge everyone to try these if you like the smell of lemon, lime, or candy (Ginger) you will love these! They were even good on my hands I didn't get all pruny like I usually do when doing dishes. If you haven't signed up for influenster you really need to because this is a great company and I have heard nothing but great things and continue to. I hope this is the first of many boxes to come! I got these free for testing purposes! I gave the lemon to my mom and she really loved it! She now buys it regularly and enjoys the other scents as well.
You can find these at Wal-Mart and Target for under 3 bucks Which is an amazing price for anyone. You can buy a bigger bottle somewhere else but you will not get the quality that you can get with these! Your hands will thank you and so will your nose believe me! Check out Palmolive Fresh Infusions here:

I got these products free through Influenster. It is an awesome program with amazing people who help with everything you could ever need. It is invite only but if you leave me your email I can invite you in a flash!

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