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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Spray Gourmet Liquid Spices

As a young girl, I use to watch my grandma's and mom cook all the time. None really used very many spices but I liked the food that way. As I got older though I have been wanting to experiment with different methods of cooking and different tastes.

I guess I am lucky, I can find a recipe online and duplicate it pretty well. No one has any complaints as of yet that is. Maybe they just haven't told me. HaHa. Anyway, I needed more spice in my life.

When I found out about Spray gourmet, liquid spices, I got super excited. The one thing I hate about cooking, is doing all the extra little dishes.

This cumin, comes in this handy dandy spray bottle and it is ready to go whenever you are. One spray equals an 1/8 of a teaspoon and there are hundreds of sprays in the bottle when you get it.

I wanted to start simple with this, an easy spaghetti recipe that called for cumin was the way to go. Basically, I sprayed and prayed.

We all know how spaghetti should taste, well with one spray of this, it sent my mouth to heaven. I think it is even better than the cumin in my spice drawer. It was definietly a hit.

I recommend everyone try this and the other lines that they offer as well including cinnamon and black pepper to name a few. Check them out at the link below.

Thank you so much for reading everyone, and happy cooking.

I received this product in exhcange for my honest review. All opnions are 100% my own.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Pawmedica Mobility Bites

We always think about how our bodies break down and how much help we need. What about other things though, like our pets?

It's something we rarely think about but our pets bodies break down just like our own and they need help too. Pawmedica is here to do just that.

Pawmedica has a huge line of health treats for your pets and their bodies. Just one of these mobility treats a day for the last two weeks and my dogs are doing so much better.

I found them running and playing again like when they were puppies and I'm pretty excited about it.

These treats do have hemp in them but my pets didn't seem to notice. They love the taste of these and eat them right down. At first they were unsure because they were new but now they get excited when they see the container.

I have to say that these have actually worked for my dogs and I am going to keep giving them to them as well. Treats are always good but healthy body maintaining treats are the best.

Head over and check these out and the rtest of the Pawmedica line as well. You can find probably anything you need there for your pets health. Head on over at the link below:

As always thank you so much for reading everyone, I couldn't do this without you. I hope everyone is staying safe during this virus and current shutdown. Please come back and read some more reviews real soon!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions/reviews are 100% my own.