Monday, October 8, 2018

Let's roll the ice!

Over the years, I have become more girly. If you read the blog, you have heard many horror stories of my trying to use make up, curlers and beauty products in general.

Most things are explained to me through friends, but I have managed to mess more than a few things upp before asking. This is one, that I just jumped into.

First off.. ICE ROLLER... what in the heck was I thinking when I applied for this one? I will be honest with you, I was scared to do this review. I even did a "first time trying it" video on Youtube.

Guess what I found out...It isn't bad at all. Mine did set out for 5-7 minutes while I took pictures etc. But it was still cold on my hands. This whole process is super easy.

Once you get your box, you will find an ice roller on one side, in it's own container, and Vitamin C serum on the other. I like the look of the box, it really draws the eyes.

First, you clean and dry your face. We need you all fresh faced for this one ladies and gents. I mean we all strive for that daily anyway right?

After that, rub that serum into your face. a little goes a long way, so make sure you don't get it too greasy. This will work itself out, after you apply it a few times and know how much you need.

Once it's all applied, take the ice roller and start rolling it outward. Nose to ear, mouth to neck etc all over your face. I'm not sure if it is the serum or what, but it didn't feel as cold as I expected it to feel, and it actually felt pretty good.

Do that for 2-5 minutes and then clean and sanatize the roller before putting it back away. My face was left a bit sticky and the instructions didn't say whether to leave it on or wash it off. After awhile, it must have soaked in or rubbed off, because my face was super soft.

Bottom line: This seems to be a good product. It all seems to be built well and not likely to break easily. The serum leaves my face feeling good in the end and the massaging is amazing and super relaxing. I haven't used it long enough to see any benefits yet, but I will definitely make this a daily thing! Please check it out on Amazon.

So, I have heard of a vampire facial, that has to be the weirdest beauty trick, I've ever heard of. Have you heard of or done worse? Please let me know. The worst I have done is eyebrow threading..OUCH!!

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own and honest.

Grow that beard for the holidays, with Beard Growth Oil!

Since we have been together, my husband has had problems with the hair on his head. Basically, he was pretty bald, and he has patches on his face, where his beard just won't grow in.

This has really affected his self esteem and caused a lot of depression for him. I told him to wait, all the people making fun of him now, will lose their own hair soon enough! But, I always like to help him and I think this product just might.

Honestly, I wanted this product at first, because of the box. Look at this adorable image, who wouldn't want to see that cute baby?

Once it came though, we started reading everything it claims to do and my husband got really excited. It is supppose to help hair not only grow fuller, but actually grow.

I have gotten hair growing things before and he had no interest in trying, but this one is different for some reason. He has started using this a few times a week. So a few times since I received it.

We haven't noticed any changes yet, but I will definitely update if something awesome happens!

I smell of this oil, is the typical weird beard oil smell. He doesn't like it a whole lot, but he's rubbing it in when he remembers.

A little bit of this oil goes a long way. It does leave a bit of an oily film, but it isn't too noticeably and the smell goes away pretty quickly.

All in all, he is very excited to keep trying this and if it works, we will buy more, for sure! So far, it is well worth the money.

I fell in love with my hubby on first sight and he had a hat on. I didn't even mind the baldness, because I loved him. Would it be a deal breaker for you though?

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Regardless of price all opinions are my own and 100% true.